Merry Christmas



Almost whimpering


I could smell the fresh aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen, the machine making its last growl as it emptied the last of the water into the filter. I sat there in my over sized chair, feeling its comfort I snuggled in. How I wished I could go back to sleep. I was still wearing my blue pin stripped PJ bottoms, my hair was a mess and my face unshaven. All I had the energy for after my late night at work is to get up and to sit down here. I could see the sun rise looking out the window, I knew it was a warm day as there was no dew on the windows.   The dog is waging its tail staring at me and before I knew it the cold nose was on my toes. It was just the jolt that I needed, OK OK I said in a raspy voice as I got up hearing my body complain. I walked to the sliding doors and opened them up. The dog ran by me and over the covered deck he went and into the yard. I loved our yard, it was a nice sized lot, big enough for the kids to play in, for the dog to roam and for the occasional cookout with friends. I stood at the doors and stared out into the beautiful scenery unfolding before me.

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Obedience (Part 2 the conclusion)


I must apologize but I changed a small portion of part 1 but I have included here.

I opened the door to the adjoining bathroom and stepped in. She was drying off and was hiding herself by keeping the towel around her.   I disliked when she did this and she knew it. She had nothing to be ashamed of, I loved her the way she was and that is all that mattered. We had made a rule for her never to cover herself in front of me, to obstruct my view when she was naked. I looked at her and she quickly hurried out of the shower and into the bedroom. I followed her and asked her what the matter was. “Nothing” she responded. I knew it wasn’t ‘nothing’, after all of these years she still hated to show herself. “Stop” I commanded. “Didn’t we talk about this” I stammered. She avoided my eyes and did not reply. Reaching for her towel I grabbed it and pulled it from her clutches. She swept past me without another word her eyes avoiding mine at all cost. I could see the shame it had caused her, she knew the rules. She understood them each perfectly, they were not hard to follow, and she agreed to them without even a hint of hesitation. Rules were in place for a reason, a reminder of the dynamic that ruled this home, a relationship, fastened by love and obedience. I was angry, angry that once again we are at this juncture in our relationship. I walked to the walk in closet and opened the huge wooden chest pulled out several sections of rope, and walked back into the bedroom. Continue reading

Pain and Pleasure

It has been a while since my last post.  We survived the much speculated and feared Apocalypse of 2012, as far as I witnessed no fire and brimstone came from the sky, nor was the earth swallowed up by earthquakes.  Then again for some of you Christmas might have seemed like the Apocalypse with the in-laws and immediate family there to administer what I am sure you would call Torture.  So now we stand in a New Year, to do with as we please, and to hopefully mold it into something we can appreciate for years to come.
I think people view BDSM as a world where people inflict pain and torture on another person, with much degradation and humiliation.  Yes there are some within the lifestyle who do enjoy a dabble in this forte.  To each their own, some enjoy this and some do not, you have a choice, you always do.  So let’s look a little closer on this subject of Pain and Pleasure.

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Beautiful Contradiction

We live our lives in this beautiful mess we call life… We are on a trajectory to a certain fate a means that will bring our own destiny.  Destiny preordained or made…. does it mater we all end up there, on this road.  Childhood for most is the time we learn and grow as people being molded into the model citizen.  Each day a new moment to learn a new thing, each day building to the climax of adulthood, with the promise of being well adjusted and rounded.  For some such as myself the innocence was lost at a dreadful early age, and for a decade the horror that seemed to be my life grew darker day by day.  Living a parallel life with the rest of humanity I was certain that these immoral depravities were normal.  Paying a penance for future sins not yet committed, at the hands of molesters and child batterers.  Thus catapulting me on a path of self-destruction and brokenness, alongside normalcy.  Robert Frost said “The road less traveled … I took the other, just as fair, and having perhaps the better claim because it was grassy and wanted wear, though as for that passing there had worn them really about the same.”  Travel the same road but….traveling my own journey through life, trough my self made destiny of free will, each choice and action ultimately shaping my own reality.  I have spent the better part of my life running from my past, my life… in a process to change my what seemed to be preordained destiny…. A statistic.    I beat the paradigm long ago became a contradiction but kept running from it none the less, its shadow forever haunting me.  I built a reality that I could control and manipulate to my own desire and safety.  Keeping humanity at arms length to filter the pain in a cogent attempt to avoid the agony, the hurt and suffering that “might” ensue again. 

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I bend now…

 ”I bend now and you feel the slow touch of my tongue on your clit, coaxing it free from the hood that holds it captive.  My tongue lapping at your wetness each fold, sucking each lip gently in my mouth, I hear a moan and a hard breath flow from your lips grazing the soft skin of my ass only inches away.  I bite and nibble, I devour your sweet pussy, its nectar flowing freely begging me to let it cum.  I continue to slowly trace the outline with my tongue until it finds the place where it wants to dwell, easing my tongue into your opening you moan once more as the probing starts.  Allowing my tongue to fuck you in short rhythmic trusts, searching you out and bringing your honey to my lips, such a sweet taste, so divine….”

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Obedience (Part 1)

This is an attempt to show and bring the D/s dynamic into the regular everyday household, to remove the mythical structure of fictional characters, who bask in lavish lifestyles, and have red rooms of pain at their disposal.  I hope you enjoy and welcome any and all feed back.


I entered though the back door; she mustn’t have heard me park the car in the drive for she continued to toil over the stove with her back to me.  I sat my bag down, making sure to not rouse a sound from the laptop touching the tile.  I stood there in awe, watching her contently, she was doing everything she could to be a good wife, a mother, friend and ultimately my submissive.  Obeying the little rules I set for her each day. Nothing over the top, but simple rules, like making sure dinner is done shortly after I get home and that the house be kept in reasonable form.  I required her to always have a collar on when I was home, and was pleased to see the thin strap against her neck.  I wonder if she had worn it all day or if it was something she put on before I arrived home, knowing it would please me and avoid any correction on my part.  I had called her when I first left the office waiting for the cattle drive that is the commute on the train home.  Like cattle lined up for slaughter all pushed into the most unyielding confining spaces.  But the ride on the train, gave me ample time to catch up on the little light reading or a novel from time to time.  So I made the best of the hour plus long ride, ignoring the ever potent smell of stale liquor and wine from the lushes basking in happy hour.   I could not wait to be home, my wife was to cook Spaghetti this evening and that was always a favorite at our house.

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A Snippet…

a snippet of a story in the works


She captivates me with a single smile the way she looks at me, drawing a quiver from the pit of my being.  A raged breath escapes, my thoughts rambling; “I want her, need her, crave her.  Immediately. Excessively. Roughly, right now”.   I nipped her lower lip with my teeth and then soothed the sting with the caress of my tongue.  She is mine, and I am hers, interconnected by the strands of our passion woven into the tapestry of this moment.  Skin against skin, the wetness of her tongue against mine, her hot breath.  She submits to my longing, her soul begging for reprieve: “I need you” I whisper tersely.  I feel her smile against me, my fingers brush the nape of her neck and she gasped at the sensation.  Her hip grinding involuntarily, pressing against me longing for the moment I take her.  She shivered visibly, but didn’t pull away.  Clothes a hindrance to the sexual depravities of our Lust.  I felt my own arousal answering that exploration, a pleasant discomfort at the front of my trousers my ever rising erection pressing against her.   My fingers grasped her hair securely; I pulled and slowly kissed my way down her neck.  A bite, a moan, and sheer arousal spread through her.  I caught a whiff of her arousal mixed with perfume of baby powder and soap. Drawing my lips back to hers I cupped her ass and pushed forward with my crotch, trying to make contact with what was still hidden behind her clothes.  My fingers kneading her flesh pulling, she struggled weakly trying to control herself, moaning and whimpering she cried out, the sound muffled by my unyielding kiss.

50 Shades of Debauchery


Since its initial publication in 2011 the acclaimed “50 Shades of Grey” series written by E. L. James has sold well over 65 million copies in 37 different Languages.  With more books being sold every day from the checkout stand at the local grocer to the ever more discrete online eBook sellers.  The 50 Shades of Gray series has managed to infiltrate, nearly every demographic, from teenagers, to the working class, House wives, to business Men and Woman, and CEOs and board members of Power house companies.  E.L. James has swept the nation, having an impact and taking the World by Storm much like the Harry Potter books did when they were published, (with the added kinkery, fuckery, debauchery and every other word ending in (ery) you can think of). 

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