This is an attempt to show and bring the D/s dynamic into the regular everyday household, to remove the mythical structure of fictional characters, who bask in lavish lifestyles, and have red rooms of pain at their disposal.  I hope you enjoy and welcome any and all feed back.


I entered though the back door; she mustn’t have heard me park the car in the drive for she continued to toil over the stove with her back to me.  I sat my bag down, making sure to not rouse a sound from the laptop touching the tile.  I stood there in awe, watching her contently, she was doing everything she could to be a good wife, a mother, friend and ultimately my submissive.  Obeying the little rules I set for her each day. Nothing over the top, but simple rules, like making sure dinner is done shortly after I get home and that the house be kept in reasonable form.  I required her to always have a collar on when I was home, and was pleased to see the thin strap against her neck.  I wonder if she had worn it all day or if it was something she put on before I arrived home, knowing it would please me and avoid any correction on my part.  I had called her when I first left the office waiting for the cattle drive that is the commute on the train home.  Like cattle lined up for slaughter all pushed into the most unyielding confining spaces.  But the ride on the train, gave me ample time to catch up on the little light reading or a novel from time to time.  So I made the best of the hour plus long ride, ignoring the ever potent smell of stale liquor and wine from the lushes basking in happy hour.   I could not wait to be home, my wife was to cook Spaghetti this evening and that was always a favorite at our house.

I removed my jacket and hung it on the hooks next to the door, and ever quietly I walked towards her.  I heart the muffled sound of the TV in the other room and when I turned to look down the corridor to the living room I could see my daughter captive, a slave to whatever Kids show was currently on.  I smiled to myself and thinking of how cute she looked.  I hurriedly stepped past the hall to not provoke my daughter’s curiosity of who passed her line of sight.  I moved to within inches of my little,  I slowly wrapped my arms around her middle, drew her to me and kissed the nape of her neck, which elicited a soft moan of approval from her.  I pulled her against me harder and bit her neck; she ground her luscious ass into me, rousing my manhood awake.  She held on to the counter dropping the wood spoon into the pot of the sauce that was simmering on the stove.  Her hand came up to grab the back of my neck as if holding on, guiding me closer to her.  I bit her then, drawing a sigh from her and the grinding became harder and more focused to my awakening dick nestled in my trousers.  I grabbed her and spun her around moving her over to the counter, so she would not burn herself, and I kissed her.  I pulled back and looked into my lover’s eyes. Her lips curved to accommodate a beautiful grin.
She captivates me with a single smile the way she looks at me, drawing a quiver from the pit of my being.  A raged breath escapes, my thoughts rambling; “I want her, need her, crave her.  Immediately. Excessively. Roughly, right now”.   I nipped her lower lip with my teeth and then soothed the sting with the caress of my tongue.  She is mine, and I am hers, interconnected by the strands of our passion woven into the tapestry of this moment.  Skin against skin, the wetness of her tongue against mine, her hot breath.  She submits to my longing, her soul begging for reprieve: “I need you” I whisper tersely.  I feel her smile against me, my fingers brush the nape of her neck and she gasped at the sensation.  Her hip grinding involuntarily, pressing against me longing for the moment I take her.  She shivered visibly, but didn’t pull away.  Clothes a hindrance to the sexual depravities of our Lust.  I felt my own arousal answering that exploration, a pleasant discomfort at the front of my trousers my ever rising erection pressing against her.   My fingers grasped her hair securely; I pulled and slowly kissed my way down her neck.  A bite, a moan, and sheer arousal spread through her.  I caught a whiff of her arousal mixed with perfume of baby powder and soap. Drawing my lips back to hers I cupped her ass and pushed forward with my crotch, trying to make contact with what was still hidden behind her clothes.  My fingers kneading her flesh pulling, she struggled weakly trying to control herself, moaning and whimpering she cried out, the sound muffled by my unyielding kiss.
I bit her again, digging my fingers harder into the flesh of her buttocks.  Drawing another stifled moan, I could feel the heat of her sex, pressing against me.  Slowly, I slid my hand lower, fingers moving lightly against her until I was cupping her sex. The heat and dampness that I felt between her thighs astounded me, and it was with great restraint that I did not yank her pants down right then and fuck her right here on the counter.   I whispered in her ear; “I fucking need you”, the cracking in my voice giving away my own arousal. Her breathing had become heavier more labored  I could feel it against my neck, my pulse quickened by my lust for her, and the thoughts of pillaging her raced through my incorrigible mind.  With slow but deliberate firm movements my fingers brushed up and down her cleft then circled a few times around her clit.  Even with the fabric of her pant protecting her sweet pussy from my marauding fingers I could feel every fold and knot there, its moisture seeping through laced with the slickness of her arousal.  With one hand still cupping and kneading her ass I continued my assault on her sex pressing the fabric into her a bit causing more of the wetness to seep through.  My lips searched hers, drawing her lips into my mouth, letting my tongue caress hers.  She withered into my embrace, placing both of her hands behind my neck holding on with sweet surrender.   Thoughts of bending her over this counter, ripping her pants down just past her perfectly round ass, thrusting my rigid cock into her moist sex overpowered me.  I was ready to take the risk, to attempt to do it quickly, when I heard a voice and noise that instantly suspended all thoughts of arousal.  My wife’s eyes wide with realization my fingers stopping all forms of play, I whispered abruptly with authority; “we will continue this later”.  I turned and dropped to my knees, ready to embrace my little rambunctious monster running my way yelling; “Papa, papa, papa”.  She jumped into my arms almost knocking me down.  I tried to regain my balance, but it was no use.  I landed squarely on my behind, with a thud and if it wasn’t for my darling and the cabinets behind me catching me I am sure my head would have taken a beating.  My little monster, basked in the presence that is her father, she loved when I came home early, or rather on time to have dinner with them, or to actually see her off to bed.  I am ashamed to admit it is a rarity and not as frequent as I would like.  But such is life, I work hard to provide for my family, but this is what its all about.  Life is beauty when you have someone to share it with.
We ate dinner together, at the table and talked about our day.  My Little monster had a full day of arts and crafts and a minor reading and drawing project from school.  She was her normal goofball self, more preoccupied with having fun than actually eating the meal in front of her.  My wife my submissive, filled me in on the nuances of her day, the many phone calls and the projects she completed and the never-ending laundry that seems to take up most of the day.  I hesitated to talk about my day, as it was the normal stress filled day with its share of worries and fears, so settled for a snippet.  I talked about a project I was working on and left it at that.  My wife gave me a knowing look, but never mentioned questioned or mentioned a thing.
After Dinner I helped wash the dishes and straighten the Kitchen, then decided to help the opera singer in the bathroom get ready for bed.  As I neared the bathroom I could not help to smile, but my concern for the neighbors, was ever present.  I told her to calm down and get ready for bed, which she did, and without too much of an issue she drifted of to sleep during the book I read to her.  When I finally escaped the Monsters den unscathed without any major battle wounds I found myself walking to the bedroom to switch into something a bit more comfortable.   My little had laid out a pair of lounge pants and my slippers, that I gladly put on.  The dog saw my sitting on the bed as the perfect time to get some loving as well as he pushed his way towards me as I wrestling to get my pant leg in.   The dog won, as I sat there one leg in and I scratched the oaf of a dog behind his ears.  I gave him a few pats on his sides and scratched his muzzle a bit, before pushing him off of me and instructed him to his own bed.
I resumed in getting dressed, now wearing cotton lounge pants and a tank, perfect attire for an evening home.  I sat back down on the bed and closed my eyes, laid back resting my eyes for a second.  I attempted to clear my mind of the stresses of the day letting the silence and serenity take its toll and slowly I drifted off to sleep.  ‘Such a good dream, my little kneeling on the floor nude presenting herself to her Sir her Master, eyes looking down, her legs perfectly spread and palms facing up in a state of surrender.  Her posture something to be admired, I walked over to her and gently ran my fingers through her hair.  I loved her; I craved what she gave me, her submission, a gift greater than any other.  With it came responsibility and honor.  I cupped her shin and gently pulled it up so she would look at me, she did with searching eyes.  I sensed her longing her desire, it was written right there in her eyes, a flame ever present.  She brought her mouth to the slit of my pant and with her mouth only gently coaxed my cock through.  Before I knew it I felt her devour me, sucking, me in and teasing me with her skillful tongue.  I moaned as my now hardened cock pressed against her throat and slowly passed that barrier to slide further.  I gently grasped at her hair and maneuvered her mouth back in forth fucking her gently.  She groaned with almost every thrust, I looked down to see her eyes looking up at me and hands behind her back like a good girl.  She knows just what to do, so proper; I must remember to reward her for this.  I stood still and let her do the moving now, she too me in and pressed her mouth all the way to the base.  I felt her tongue lapping at my scrotum my testicles, loving the attention given.  I moaned loud and she took that as a sign to try to take me even deeper.  Some expletives was all I could mutter at that moment, as her throat gently massaged the head of my cock, she withdrew quickly saliva, dribbling from her lips.  She caught her breath for a minute then impaled herself again over and over she forced herself down on me.  With each bob, bringing me closer to that euphoric climax.  I felt it drawing near, with that my toes curled in as if gripping the soft carpet beneath me.  “I’m going to cum soon baby” I mustered out between groans….’ 
With that I woke, to her sucking me passionately, my eyes opened wide, my breath rigid as in my dream, startled but uncaring.  I was ready to blow, I could not hold back. I gripped the sheets and moaned again this time in release as I spurted stream after stream of my semen into her mouth and she eagerly accepted every bit.  Swallowing each spurt and pushing herself down all the way sliding me into her throat.  I felt her throat softly grip the head of my cock coaxing its last little spillage out.  She slowly allowed me to slip out of her mouth then took me in again, this time focusing just on the head, her fingers firmly around the base of my cock.  I groaned as the sensitivity set in.  I enjoyed this feeling; I loved it lost in the moment she continued.  Soon I could not take any more each flicker of the tongue send a shiver down my spine, and uncontrollable urge to move, as the sensitivity was just too much to bear.  She continued to torment me, flicking her tongue looking up at me with such a devious look.  I blurted out; “Baby stop, I can’t….fuck…. take any more”.  She did not comply and sucked harder, torturing me even more, making sure to press her tongue down more, letting it run over the curvature of my head.  I reached down and almost had to pry her head away, and as she released me with an audible popping sound, a huge smile spread across her face.  “You like torturing me when you can, don’t you little one” I stated matter-of-factly”.  She never answered but her grin and demeanor said it all.  She crawled on top of me and straddled my now flaccid penis.  She bent and kissed me.  I could taste a hint of the saltines left in her mouth from my sperm, as our tongues roamed over one another the taste slightly subsided but our rigorous kissing did not.  I grabbed her wrists and heaved her of me, in a swift turn I was on her.  Her legs spread wide and my body holding her prone.  She fought me in a playful battle, trying to free her wrists, but it was no use.  She finally gave up and laid there.  “What was all of this for” I questioned.  “Just wanted to make you feel good, and help you relax, I came checking on you and saw you laying there, how could I not” she stammered.   I grinned and thanked her.
At some point I had rolled off of her and we continued to lay there on the bed enjoying  our company.  We chit chatted about odds and ends and she filled me in on some of the things our little monster had done that day.  I love that girl so much, but she is a little spitfire, stubborn as I was at her age, and even though I will not admit it still was.  She fought authority every step of the way never direct but always questioning and provoking trying to manipulate herself out of a situation.  “You do realize we will have hell to pay when she is a teenager, if we do not fix this now”, “I know” she countered.  We laid there staring at the ceiling and as moments passed I stated that we should get up now, before we both fall asleep.  She gave a little awww sound but complied.  As she hopped of the bed and I received a great view of her ass, I could not help what happened next.  I quickly swing my hand and ass it connected with the flesh of her ass, I felt the burn and heard her yelp.  She turned quickly, protecting her rear from any further assault, rubbing the sting.  I smiled a wicked grin that et her know this was not the end.  “I am not done with you yet, remember that”, I proclaimed.
We finally settled on the couch to watch a bit of TV before we retired.  The show was good, my darling handed me a small bowl of chocolate covered strawberries during one of the commercials.  I glanced at her in disbelief.  “Where did you get these”, I questioned.  Our Monster and I made them this afternoon, I found a recipe online and thought we would try them today, what do you think” she exclaimed in a happy and eager tone.  I bit into the fruit and the taste of the cacao mixed with the sweet tangy juices of the fruit was exquisite.  I grunted in approval as I devoured the rest of it.  “They were phenomenal, you should make them again” I stated as I finished the 4th and last one.  She smiled and nodded in approval and acknowledgement.  When the show ended I turned the TV off and asked her if she had anything left to do before bed, she replied yes.  She needed a shower and a quick shave, she explained, with raised eye brows and a silly grin, “shave huhh” I teased.  She winked at me and quickly scurried to the bathroom to jump in the shower.  I washed the dish and made a quick sandwich for my lunch the next day, then took the Dog for a brief walk to pee, before lights out.  When I made it back inside and towards the bedroom, I heard the water shut off in the shower.
I opened the door to the adjoining bathroom and stepped in.  She was drying off and was hiding herself by keeping the towel around her.   I disliked when she did this and she knew it.  She had nothing to be ashamed of, I loved her the way she was and that is all that mattered.  We had made a rule for her never to cover herself in front of me, to obstruct my view when she was naked.  I looked at her and she quickly hurried out of the shower and into the bedroom.  I followed her and asked her what the matter was. “Nothing” she responded.  I knew it wasn’t ‘nothing’, after all of these years she still hated to show herself. “Stop” I commanded.  “Didn’t we talk about this” I stammered.  She avoided my eyes and did not reply. Reaching for her towel I grabbed it and pulled it from her clutches.  “Stay here” I bellowed sternly.  I was angry, angry that once again we are at this juncture in our relationship.  I walked to the walk in closet and opened the huge wooden chest pulled out several sections of rope, and walked back into the bedroom. I walked to the bed and urged her on her knees by the footboard.  I quickly looped the rope through, all the while feeling the burn of her eyes on me, she knew what was coming.  I lifted her hands and secured them to the ropes, then her legs binding them as well.  Not leaving any slack, or way for her to move.  Once I knew they were secure and not cutting off circulation, I backed away looking at my handy work and saw the shame on her eyes.  I gently kissed her lips and told her I loved her but she needed to learn to obey me, and stop hiding her beautiful body from me.  I informed her that she must remain here for…..To be continued