It has been a while since my last post.  We survived the much speculated and feared Apocalypse of 2012, as far as I witnessed no fire and brimstone came from the sky, nor was the earth swallowed up by earthquakes.  Then again for some of you Christmas might have seemed like the Apocalypse with the in-laws and immediate family there to administer what I am sure you would call Torture.  So now we stand in a New Year, to do with as we please, and to hopefully mold it into something we can appreciate for years to come.
I think people view BDSM as a world where people inflict pain and torture on another person, with much degradation and humiliation.  Yes there are some within the lifestyle who do enjoy a dabble in this forte.  To each their own, some enjoy this and some do not, you have a choice, you always do.  So let’s look a little closer on this subject of Pain and Pleasure.

I am sure some of you, are heading for the x to cancel out of this screen.  Let me assure you it is not what you think.  Pain can be quite pleasurable, Pain brings with it an adrenaline a euphoric high if you will that will bring your experience to new heights.  Have you ever been bitten as you are having sex, have you let your lover sink his teeth into your shoulder as you shutter out another orgasm.  Or has a lover dug his fingernails into you as you orgasm?  You should try it, the mix is euphoric, a drug of sorts.  Think of this, you are a submissive, being dragged over the knee of your Dominant.  You feel  his hand strike your naked buttocks over and over again.  You scream out as it hurts, but you do not move you obey.  After what seemed like an eternity for you I am sure, he gently runs his fingers over your ass.  Ohh the sensation, your senses so heightened, every nerve ending tingling to grasp at this touch.  He bends to kiss your ass, and feel his teeth gently biting you, you moan as this newfound sensation takes you over.  Feeling his breath against you, just his hot breath alone sends your nerve endings into ever drive and your Pussy dampens and Goosebumps rise in the soft terrain of your skin.
Pleasure and pain do go well together, like a fine pairing of wine with your meal.  It has a purpose and as long as the terms are discussed and agreed upon between two consenting adults, have at it.  I do recommend safe words, such as “yellow” to let your partner know, that it is becoming almost unbearable and you are right at that edge where you cannot take anymore, or “red” STOP NOW.  Some submissive, make the mistake of not saying red, because they do not want to displease their Dominant.  This is foolish, a true Dominant would never be disappointed nor look down on you for this, and he or she should be concerned for you and your safety.  Hold you and let you know that you can trust him and he will be there to take care of you.  As you dabble in this a bit you might find that what seemed to really hurt one day might not as much the next, your body does respond and adapt rather nicely.
There are many things one can do to induce this dance of please and pain.  For example spanking, anywhere on the body, biting, pinching, using punishment devices (paddles, floggers etc) Nipple clamps, restraints, wax and many many more things I am sure the list is endless, but these were just a few that came to mind.  Be safe and try to experiment a bit, I am positive you might find something you thoroughly enjoy.  My next post will be a story to correlate with this one, to demonstrate what it can be for you.  I hope you enjoyed this post and hope to write much more in the coming weeks.