I must apologize but I changed a small portion of part 1 but I have included here.

I opened the door to the adjoining bathroom and stepped in. She was drying off and was hiding herself by keeping the towel around her.   I disliked when she did this and she knew it. She had nothing to be ashamed of, I loved her the way she was and that is all that mattered. We had made a rule for her never to cover herself in front of me, to obstruct my view when she was naked. I looked at her and she quickly hurried out of the shower and into the bedroom. I followed her and asked her what the matter was. “Nothing” she responded. I knew it wasn’t ‘nothing’, after all of these years she still hated to show herself. “Stop” I commanded. “Didn’t we talk about this” I stammered. She avoided my eyes and did not reply. Reaching for her towel I grabbed it and pulled it from her clutches. She swept past me without another word her eyes avoiding mine at all cost. I could see the shame it had caused her, she knew the rules. She understood them each perfectly, they were not hard to follow, and she agreed to them without even a hint of hesitation. Rules were in place for a reason, a reminder of the dynamic that ruled this home, a relationship, fastened by love and obedience. I was angry, angry that once again we are at this juncture in our relationship. I walked to the walk in closet and opened the huge wooden chest pulled out several sections of rope, and walked back into the bedroom.

I paced back to the bed and urged her on her knees by the footboard. I quickly looped the rope through the metal rails, all the while feeling the burn of her eyes on me, she knew what was coming. I lifted her hands and secured them to the ropes, then her legs binding them as well. Not leaving any slack, or way for her to move. Once I knew they were secure and not cutting off circulation, I backed away looking at my handy work and saw the shame on her eyes. I gently kissed her lips and told her I loved her but she needed to learn to obey me, and stop hiding her beautiful body from me. I informed her that she must remain here for the remainder of the night and that I must shower and shave then would deal with her behavior. As I walked into the bathroom I realized her things were still everywhere, clothes piled on the floor and the usual feminine products on the counter. Bending to grab the garments on the tile I felt the sheer fabric of her underwear and without a thought the compulsion to pick it up took hold of me. Bringing the panties into my line of sight seeing the stains I had caused on the black fabric when I fondled her sex in the kitchen earlier, brought pleasure to my soul. I could smell the arousal and it pleased me to know that I did this to her.

I wadded up the clothes and placed each of them in their separate sections in the hampers. As I walked back into the bathroom, I glanced at her still on display for me her eyes cast down, she knew she was wrong but you can tell she did her best to keep composure. My heart ached for her, knowing that this is most likely hurting her feelings, but she knew better. We had discussed this a hundred times, yet still after all these years she covers herself. I gave her a subtle smile and walked into the bathroom removing my clothes, folding them and setting them on the counter. While letting the water get hot I brought all my shaving supplies to the shelf in the shower, then stepped under the hot water. Feeling the stress of the day just soak away, letting the water run over my face and hair. Bracing my hands against the tile wall, closing my eyes and just soak in the feeling of relief. After the pressures of the day faded away I began to wash myself, thinking of my little in the other room. I felt my cock start to harden just at the thought of her displayed for me, her wet dripping sex, her aroma, her smell, mmmm. My cock hardened at the thoughts that were vividly displayed in my mind. I reached for the shaving cream and covered my rigid cock and balls, placing the blade on my skin and gently dragging it against my tenderness. Once the deed was done I inspected my work with a little hand mirror then did the same to my face. Before long I was showered and shaven, I picked up my things put them away and walked back into the bedroom. She looked at me this time I could see the shimmering disapproval in her eyes, and knew she awaited her release. I put on a pair of my lounge pants and sat directly in front of her only a few feet away. I leaned against the closet doors and stretched my legs out towards her, and my toes gently brushed against her sex. A slight moan left her lips and her eyes widened with the new sensation I placed on her. I gave her a little smile and thought to myself: “Why does she defy me so when it comes to her body”, I love ever crevice of her skin, ever imperfection, every curve…. I know all her moles by heart and can tell you what each part of her skin feels and tastes like. Yet she still after the many hears under my cloak she still tries to hide from me.

I just stared at her wondering what her punishment should be, I could see her eyes studying me much the same as I was her. I wiggled my toes and felt her lips upon them. I used my toes to spread her sex and carefully slid against her clit, seeing the instant reaction of the pleasure. She strained against the ropes and I felt her nectar flowing from those divine lips of her sex. Allowing my big toe to slide up and down, and side to side, I drew the alphabet on her pussy very gently and patiently. The wetness coated me and it freely dripped from her sex. I lifted my toes to her mouth and she knew what was expected. Without a seconds hesitation I felt the warmth of her mouth around them sucking, licking, and cleaning of the mess she had created. My cock ached in my trousers and I gently pulled him free through the opening, grasping my shaft and seeing a single drop of semen forming at the tip. I knew that I wanted her mouth on my throbbing cock. I pulled my toes away from her and stood up looking down at her.

At this I let my hand brush her face feeling the softness of her skin, I felt her nuzzle into the palm of my hand, as if longing for forgiveness. I wanted to reciprocate and I did. I traced my thumb over her skin to her lips and gently coaxed them open, and she gently suckled. I then directed her attention to my cock she knew what I wanted, locking her gaze on my eyes and gave me a defiant look before opening her small but plump lips and sucking in nearly half of my length. As her warm, wet mouth enveloped me, I grunted and grabbed her hair, quite a bit tighter than I had intended. My little whimpered quietly and winced, but she did not let off her suction on me. In fact, she began moveing her lips on my shaft, her smoldering eyes never leaving mine. Her contorted body struggling to cope with the tension this created. She sucked me in and out her tongue pressing against my hardness, eliciting a jerk with each movement. I started to push against her, wedging her head against the railing of the bed and my plunging cock. She took more of my erection into her mouth. Soon, the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat, and she gagged just a little, although not as much as I would have expected. I held her there for a bit, before pulling back until just the head was inside of her glorious mouth. I saw her close her eyes, as I pushed my cock into her again, the tip of my cock again was pressed against the back of her throat. This time the pressure of the sphincter eased and I slid in feeling the suction of her throat as she swallowed me. My fingers reflexively tightened in her hair again, and I used my grip to hold her head in place as my body shudder at the intensity of the sensations emanating from my engulfed member. Feeling her reflexes to expel me out of her mouth the contractions intensifying, I slowly pulled myself from the reaches of her throat. She gasped for air tears filling her eyes and breath labored. I pushed back in and again no defiance just submission, in repetition the momentum took me, losing sense of reality and time. The urge to ejaculate down her throat, and hold her in place until I had finished nearly overcame me, but when I realized that I need to let her head go. When I did my cock fell from her mouth as she began coughing, gasping and squirming under me.


“Fuck,” I grunted, my first word since starting. I grasped my shaft and squeezed almost painfully it was all I could do to keep from climaxing. I wanted to feel more of the incredible tightness of her throat, of the sensation of the head of my penis pushing into it, of her lips and tongue on me as she made herself take me all the way down. Still, I knew I would not last much longer and that I needed release. Without warning I plunged into her again, holding her head prone with my hands in her hair. She engulfed my erection completely again, I felt her gasp from around my cock and I was again on the edge of exploding, although this time I loosened my grip on her hair. This time she voluntarily began to suck me harder, I started moaning and thrusting my hips forward. I could not hold back any longer. And with that a massive burst of cum erupted inside of her. My climax making me shutter against her and vulgar profanities erupted from my lips. She gaged then struggling to hold on and I pulled out of her semen spilling out along with the release of my cock. I was mesmerized by the sight of her semen streaked face. In amusement but with a commanding voice I bellowed, “Why did you let my semen spill from your mouth”, with that her head jerked up and I could sense fear a hint of shame. I bent down and kissed her forehead, keeping my lips pressed to her I whispered I loved her and that I hope she learned her lesson, she nodded shyly and I untied her restraints. She got up and leapt into my arms, I wrapped my arms around her and held her with her head against my chest. I kissed the top of her head and inhaled deeply. We stayed like this for what seemed an eternity, I then realized the mess I made was pressed against me. “I guess we should take another shower” I said, we did but that’s a story for another day.