I could smell the fresh aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen, the machine making its last growl as it emptied the last of the water into the filter. I sat there in my over sized chair, feeling its comfort I snuggled in. How I wished I could go back to sleep. I was still wearing my blue pin stripped PJ bottoms, my hair was a mess and my face unshaven. All I had the energy for after my late night at work is to get up and to sit down here. I could see the sun rise looking out the window, I knew it was a warm day as there was no dew on the windows.   The dog is waging its tail staring at me and before I knew it the cold nose was on my toes. It was just the jolt that I needed, OK OK I said in a raspy voice as I got up hearing my body complain. I walked to the sliding doors and opened them up. The dog ran by me and over the covered deck he went and into the yard. I loved our yard, it was a nice sized lot, big enough for the kids to play in, for the dog to roam and for the occasional cookout with friends. I stood at the doors and stared out into the beautiful scenery unfolding before me.

I could see a couple of deer of in the distance well past our fence line. The dog was sniffing the perimeter and I could see the sun come up in the distance, painting the sky beautiful colors with Gods brush. Lost in thought and serenity I was startled by the cold hand that embraced me from behind, I closed my eyes and felt her hot breath on my back. Almost immediately I felt her tender lips slowly brushing against my upper back placing a delicate kiss there. I could feel goose bumps fall over me and the warmth of her love and affection causing a slight moan to erupt from within me as I shuddered. I turned around and saw her there, her eyes looking up at me shimmering as they always do. I get so lost in her eyes, such an abyss that is my Angel. I smile formed on my lips as I looked into her eyes, as that is the only response one can do when they are completely engulfed with a feeling of love and admiration. She began to smile to and asked, “What baby”? I cupped her cheek and slowly let my thumb graze over her shin, I bent down and kissed her then. Just a slow and lingering kiss, skin meeting skin, her lip tasting of sweetened coffee. She returned the kiss and before I could pull away she bit my lower lip holding me in place. I grunted and laughed and she too let go giving me this playful devilish grin. “I love you Angel” was all I could say, still smiling ear to ear.

I grabbed the cup of coffee that was obviously intended for me, and she picked up hers from the side table next to the door. We walked out and I sat down in the 2 seater char that I sank into without any problem. I loved this char although I was very reluctant to buy it when I did.   My little convinced me that it would be the perfect addition for our deck, I remember at the time thinking, who in their right mind buys actual outdoor sofas and sofa chairs. But I guess there is a big market now, as it was right alongside the usual outdoor tables and chairs at the local hardware store. I drifted back to reality as my baby stood in front of me. Just then I realized that all she had on was a pair of light pink cotton panties, her white socks and my PJ top, I wondered where it had gone to. I grinned and sat my coffee on the table beside me she did the same. She then climbed on top of me straddling me, and this time looked into my eyes, I could see her deep in thought, relaxed but deep in thought nonetheless. She bent to kiss me and at that I wrapped my arms around her. I could feel her grind down into me, as we kissed deeply. My hands roamed her back and hers had found their place on my shoulder and hair. I could feel my course stubble brush against her delicate skin from time to time. I continued to kiss her for what seemed like an eternity just passionately and sweet. She bit my lip unannounced and I dug my fingers into her back which set of a chain reaction.

She released me and whimpered playfully and I bent forward to kiss her neck which she gracefully offered me without resistance. I could feel her grinding into me again this time being welcomed by the hardness forming beneath her. I could feel her heat embracing me, coaxing me, begging me to harden for her and before long I could feel her lips part on top of me to allow them to embrace my cock through the fabric. I kissed her neck giving it gentle bites here and there, with every nibble she arched her back driving her sex down harder on me, I could feel the moisture between us now, growing with every grinding of her hip.

She reached down and sat back on my knees, as she fumbled to release my cock through the opening at the front of my PJs, I groaned in anticipation. Feeling her hot hands on my member pulling him through, springing him to freedom. I longed for this woman, she was mine and I was hers. She rose up and steadied herself with one hand on my chest and I could feel my cock being guided to her. I felt the most cotton fabric against the head of my cock, longing for contact. She moved my member to the side and I could feel her fumbling with her panties. It was quite a sight as the look of pure concentration took hold of her. I could feel her moistness now as the head of my cock finally touched skin and the pressure of the panties pushed off to the side. I could feel her juices rushing and coating her fingers in wanting anticipation as grabbed my shaft holding it steady, slowly she sank herself down upon me. My flared mushroom tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy met the warmth of her slick sex, as slowly began to engulf the tip of my cock, I watched her face, pure ecstasy, contentment, need and lust. I needed her, had to have her now. I moved my hands down cupping the upper part of her panty covered bottom and I pulled down with all my might, simultaneously thrusting up into her impaling her on my organ. A groan…. No more of a scream erupted from within her as her eyes glazed over in this new found ecstasy. I could see the surprise was almost more than she’d bargained for… Still, she took some deep breaths and continued to ease herself down until she was sung against my balls and her body’s full weight settled on me.

I expected her to slowly rise and to allow my member to thrust into her. That wasn’t the case, she sat there just looking at me with a smile that said, my turn. She leaned over and grabbed my cup of coffee and took a sip, then handed it to me. She is so perplexing to me, so beautifully hard to figure out. I took a gulp tasting the strong aroma of fresh coffee. As I felt the coffee running down my throat she lifted up a bit and grabbed the cup setting back into place on the side table. Instantly she forced her hips back down on me and all I could do is moan and grunt, as the waves of pleasure took me. My fingers sinking into the flesh of her delicate bottom, clawing deeper almost painfully so. I wondered if it might bruise her, but at that moment I did not care. Her pussy was warm and tight. It felt amazing, slick, and swollen. My cock tingled with excitement as she began to piston herself up and down, rising and falling on my monstrous member. “Daddy can I, ahhhhhh!”, she squealed as an orgasm surged through her body involuntarily bucking against me, her legs gripping me tightly convulsing as wave after wave hit her. I felt my cock pulse at this surge that took her, thickening and lengthening with my arousal. God how I loved this woman, I studied her form, her lips, even her closed eyes as she rode out the pleasure. Felling her tight walls gripping my cock, massaging me with each aftershock of her violent orgasm. Every nerve ending in my cock spasmed at the tightness of her contractions around my cock.

She was so absorbed in the feeling of my cock moving in her that she did not bother to ask for forgiveness for Cumming without getting my permission, or open her eyes for that matter. I decided to let it go and enjoy the moment. As the tremors slowly subsided she opened her eyes and smiled down at me with playful look as she bit her lower lip, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues passed one another embracing as our bodies would. She completely leaned on me and I could feel the harness of her nipples against my chest. The awareness of her arousal pressed against me urged me on to now move within her.

I cupped her bottom massaging it and slowly and felt her lift up and grind back into me. Our lips never leaving one another as she slowly started to ride me again. I enjoyed the pleasurable friction of her pussy sliding up and down as she rode me slowly, moaning softly, and enjoying the feeling of my hard cock stretching her. I ran my fingers over her ass and back and ground myself more forcefully into her. The harder I ground the more she moaned with her raged breath giving away her arousal.  With handfuls of her round bottom being kneaded in my hands, I pushed up into her and pulled her down on me again and as her movements became more frantic and her noises got more insistent I knew it would not take much for either of us to finish. She started to buck down, on my incoming thrusts almost painfully as I bottomed out, over and over again. With each thrust unto her, her breathing became more labored and kissing became less focused.

I pulled my lips away from hers and grasped her wrists. My strong fingers gripping her I forced her hands behind her back holding them there against the lower part of her back. I impaled myself more deeply into her and wrapped my arms tightly around her. She was immobile and a look of astonishment and bewilderment came over her. Before her emotions even had a chance to respond I rhythmically forced her ass up and down on my cock, thrusting into her with all my might. I ground my feed into to the deck as I started to pound into her evading her swollen sex. I could feel the moistness leak from her now as her moans turned to whimpering screams of pleasure. Holding her as close to me as possible not allowing her to move but, taking full control of her she hit another orgasm. Her face was contorted from the orgasm that overpowered her. I would not let up and as I continued my assault on her, she gushed against me, drawing grunts of arousal out of me as the wetness washed over me. I could no longer contain my own building orgasm, and as I felt my cock begin to swell more the walls of her pussy closed in around me. It was too late and I was past the point of no return. I grasped her more roughly and fucked into her with all the strength I had left in me. I felt an overwhelming combination of ecstasy and relief when I finally exploded deep into her, simultaneously crying out in release and overwhelming sensitivity and pleasure almost whimpering myself. As the tremors overtook me I bucked up a few more times before I could no longer do so.

Her breathing labored as was mine I collapsed back against the chair and her against me. Her arms slowly releasing and a groan as she moved them into a much more normal position. I was spent, exhausted by this romp so early in the morning. I could feel the drenched wetness on my PJ’s from her release and my cock slowly softening, allowing my cum to leak out of her swollen sex mixed with her wetness into this intoxicating smell of sex.

cuddle (2)

We stayed like this for what seemed like hours, but in reality just mere minutes. I leaned down and nuzzled my lips against her head and kissed her cradling her tight against me. I could feel her pressed lips against my shoulder form a smile and a little giggle erupted from her, faint but I heard it. I attempted to grasp my cup of coffee but even that at the moment seemed too much. She smiled more and slowly got up releasing my cock allowing a thick strand of semen to spill from her. She grabbed the cup and gave it to me, and sat back down in my lap. This time her bottom in my lap and her feet perched to one side as her head nuzzled into my shoulder and chest. I used my free hand to slowly comb her hair with my fingers, feeling the intimacy that was shared. My heart overfilled for her, such adoration and love. I put my coffee away after I had taken a sip and I nuzzled into her hair kissing her, feeling the contentment and intimacy between us all was right in the world. I fell in awe and wonder as the sunlight bathed us and we stayed like this for what I can imagine was hours…