The Pleasure of Pain (Part 5)

As I watched the waiter walk to another table, she held the head of my cock in her hand circling it driving me fucking nuts.  The pleasure the sensitivity was almost too much to bear.  I moaned without meaning to, I glanced around hopping no one had heard or was looking.  She bent over and whispered to me; “Can I make you cum Sir, I will make sure there is no mess”.  I readily agreed, anything to cum to climax.  She continued playing, rubbing, squeezing just the head of my cock, the pressure increasing and the sensation overwhelming, I jerked involuntarily.  She let go and searched for my balls bellow.  Without effort she had found what she was looking for, and I felt a firm pressure as she squeezed me through my pants.  She squeezed in a rhythm and the pressure got harder and harder, almost painful.  I could feel the climax building nearing its end, I longed for the sweet release.  With out taking her unmerciful and relentless hand of off my testicles, she bent over to kiss me and at the same time found my shaft with her other hand.  I grabbed the cloth napkin nearby, readying it for the eruption that is imminent.  She kissed me tenderly, and I was mere seconds away from climaxing into her hand. 

Then a loud disruptive noise on the other end of the restaurant, a woman had thrown a plate and its contents on a man obviously her date, everyone in the restaurant was startled and looked in their direction. I welcomed the distraction so I could come, before I could tell her that I am going to cum now.  She bent down and took me in her mouth, engulfing me to the base I jerked as she squeezed my balls even harder, a pain so delightful.  But it sent me over the edge and I felt her throat, massaging the cum from me, I could feel it erupting into her; she swallowed over and over again.  Coming up a bit and bringing herself back down as she rhythmically squeezed my balls again, I spurted again, and again, but now was spent.  She bobbed up and down one final time and slowly pulled up, exhaling a deep breath as my cock dislodged from her mouth.  I was in awe and utterly satisfied, glad for the commotion that shielded our debauchery. She smiled at me and kissed my lips.  I kissed her back and could still taste the hint of saltiness on her lips, from my cum that she had just taken in.  I kissed her harder running my tongue on her tongue and she caressed me back with hers.  I moaned into her mouth slightly as did she.  I slowly pushed myself always from her, and looked into the direction of the commotion, the man was standing talking to Gabrielle and the woman must have left the establishment.  His pasta stained shirt and red blotchy cheek spoke a story all its own.  I looked back at my love and found her eyes and she smiled a coy smile, and laughed shyly.

I appealed for an answer from her; “where did that come from, and what got into you my little”.  She blushed at that briefly averting my eyes, I could see the redness spread all over her face making her quite flushed, I grabbed her hand and tried to ease her embarrassment.  I softly spoke so others would not hear; “You are such a good girl, thank you for tonight my love”. I kissed her for a brief moment, and then focused on the now uninflated cock, sticking out of my pants.  I wiped the last droplet of cum that had made its way up after into my napkin and slowly tucked myself back in.  I managed to do so without too much effort, once I had composed myself, I reached for the fork and took off a small bite of the cake.  I placed it at her lips and she took it without hesitation, never leaving my gaze.  I loved the way she looked, the way she could hold my attention.  I took a bite myself; enjoying the sweet and delightful, taste of the chocolate.  It was absolutely divine, a slice of heaven.  We shared the remainder of the piece and I continued to feed her one bite after another in turn.  Once I scraped the last morsels of cake and crumbs of the plate I liked my spoon clean and reached for the glass of wine.  I washed down the last of the chocolate taste in my mouth the mixture of both tastes was absolutely sublime.  When I looked at her she gave me a smile and I asked her if she was ready to go, she nodded in her little cute way.  I loved her mannerisms.  I took the cash from my wallet and placed it on the tray that held the receipt, I left a hefty tip, and we slid out of the booth.  As she did I saw the look on her face with the sudden movement her plug must have shifted.  She cooed a bit and a sigh left her lips.  A well disguised moan came from her lips as she stood shifting the rigid plug within her.  I thought of the sensation she must have felt, what was going through her mind.  I held out my arm and she took it, we walked to the front of the restaurant and Gabrielle was no where in sight.  I decided I would call her tomorrow to thank her for the wine, and seating.  We walked out under the awning, and a valet quickly grabbed the keys and rushed to a parking lot adjacent.  We stood there, with the night around us and I took in the warmth of her hand on my arm.  I realized that I had never loved anyone as much as her. 

We ended up talking about the beautiful night, and how we were positive we would be able to see all the stars of we just drove into the country somewhere.  Somehow we landed on the subject of a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast somewhere.  We agreed that this should happen and as we continued to talk about the now impending plans, I noticed that every jostle in the road still caused a reaction from her.  I once even noticed a smile creep onto her pace when we hit a rough spot and the car hit a small pot hole.  I was sure she was enjoying the plug.   But I just placed my hand on her thigh and slowly moved my fingers back and forth in a loving and caring gesture.  We continued making plans of this impending weekend get away, everything from a Bed and Breakfast to how we should take horses around on trails.  And while we conversed my mind wandered I thought about how much I loved her.  This woman has captured a piece of my heart no one has ever been able to hold, I was in love with her and the thought that I would grow old with her came to mind.  I smiled to myself as if I had my own little joke.  I glanced at her as I drove and I realized that I had slightly lost track of what she was saying.  SO I listened adamantly and figured out she was still talking about our weekend getaway, a wave of relief flooded me.

When we finally arrived home, I was glad we were back.  I loved the warmth of our abode.  I closed the door behind us and walked towards the little wooden bowl I took my keys and wallet into, placed the items inside and placed my cellphone on the charger.  I wandered to the main part of the house and could not see my love; she must have gone upstairs I thought to myself.  As I neared the steps to the second floor I noticed her dress laying in a pile at the first step, obviously just thrown there.  My pulse quickened when my line of sight followed the steps up and I noticed her red lace bra halfway up.  Fuck me was the words that came to mind.  I gathered her dress and her bra as I made my way up, I walked to the bedroom, and did not see her.  The vision of her in my mind toying with me, urging me on.  I felt aroused and bothered, I wanted and needed her.  I walked into the bedroom and noticed that the bathroom door was ajar and the light on.  I listened intently and heard the water in the shower turning on.  I smiled and without hesitation removed my close nearly tripping as I stepped out of my pants.  I threw everything in a pile by the door.  On any given day this pile would have driven me nuts with my mild ocd and cleanliness, but right now that was the furthest thing from my mind. 

I walked into the bathroom and could see her through the fogged glass, a silhouette of her.  She was holding her head under the water running her fingers through.  I quietly walked to the shower opened the door as quickly as I could.  I walked in and looked at her beautiful face, the water running off of her skin.  Her eyes were closed and I slowly wrapped my hands around her trying not to startle her.  She smiled at the welcomed embrace and turned so that her back was to me.  I kissed her neck and she reached down grabbing ahold of my cock.  Just the slightest touch from her and my unimpressive limp cock, slowly grew to its much more gratifying size.  I continued to kiss and suck on her neck, occasionally sinking my teeth into her, at the same time my hands roamed the front of her body.  Cupping her breasts and gently playing with her nipples, trailing down to her mound and playing with her sex as well.  I could feel the slickness of her own arousal spreading between her lips, she drove her butt back against me and I felt the end of the plug against my cock, her still holding on to my base.

I let my hands run back up to her breast and I cupped each mound tenderly in my hand kissing her neck at the same time.  I whimper a moan escaped her and I drove my teeth harder into her shoulder, she arched and I squeezed.  I toyed with her lovely breasts in my hand massaging them as If they were my play things. The hardening nipples protruding from pure arousal.  I found both nipples in between my fingers, and I clamped down, sending a new wave of pleasure and pain through her.  She moaned and arched again, my lips still on her shoulder I bit into her once more.  A louder moan erupted from her and I tugged at her delicate nipples, forcing those outwards even more, seeing them stretch in front of me, feeling the tension there and her lips opened and lust spread across her face.  I let go of her breasts and let my hands wander to her back then shoulders, squeezing them, then slowly up to her neck, brushing my fingertips over her skin and into her hair.  I wrapped one hand around her throat the other in her hear, my lips mere inches from her ear.  I whispered to her in a horse voice; “Bend over for me my little slut, and hold on to the bar and wall”.  She grasped at the par almost immediately and I used the leverage on her hair to tug and pull her over.  A brief moan erupted from her again, and I had her bent over. 

God what a sight; such a beauty to my eyes.  I am lost in her in my beautiful little girl.  I loved her, fuck did I love her.  I let my hands trail down her back to her bottom, my cock still hard beckoning for relief.  I found the conditioner and applied just a drop to my hand rubbing it into the folds from behind.  I guided my rigid and swollen cock to her entrance.  Feeling the heat and tightness immediately, the water making it a bit more difficult to pass through the outer lips, but manageable without pain.  Once my head was in her, being clasped by her tight sex, I grabbed at her hair and held it tight in a ponytail.  I used it at leverage to steady myself and to hold her in place as I suddenly, plowed the remainder of my cock deep into her.  She spewed a few profanities and a loud moan, I withdrew and plunged again, her legs shaking and moan even louder. I started to thrust into her, feeling the plug every time I bottomed out into her.  I could feel the hard plug through the thin walls of her flesh, rubbing against my cock, pleasuring her pussy.  When I drove all the way in her, it to drove deeper, caressing my cock in its own tantalizing way.  She felt unbelievably tight with the plug in her.  I trusted harder, grasping her hair harder, feeling the tension, and more profanities slipped her lips; “Fuck, fuck fuck, ohhh God”.  Her neck and head arched back in a harsh way, her back curved and legs spread wide.  With every thrust the sack of my balls slapping against her clit.  Such sweet pain and pleasure.   I felt the spasms from within her, the tightness of the plug in her intensifying the contractions around my cock.  Her breathing stopped and her moans vanished for what seemed like an eternity as I continued to plunge into her.  I felt her pussy grip my cock tighter now, in ripples of contractions, over and over again.  My cock pulsing and twitching inside her from the sensation.   She then screamed out a loud moan and went weak below me.  Trembling and moaning, hanging on to bitter sweet sanity and the indulgence of pleasure.

I thrust one final time exploding into her, spurt after spurt emptying myself into her.  Her muscles contracted around my cock sending shivers of pleasures into me, as I trembled and fought to not lose balance. I pressed her hard against the wall, grinding into her, spilling the last of my seed.  Her face prone to it and mine onto hers kissing her cheek and lips. My cock sliding out of her at this un-natural angle and curvature. My cum quickly followed and she leaked my semen into the shower, it being washed away by the water.  I reached down and found the base of the plug.  Her eyes closed and I slowly started to tug.  She moaned her lips parted as hand continued to gently pull.  Dislodging the plug from its temporary home.  I pulled and looked down, seeing the skin, tout and thin around it, seeing the steel slowly sliding out, stretching even wider and she moaned again then stopped, her mouth opened wide.  No sound was hear, and as the last inch of the plug came to the surface she moaned as the remainder of the plug slipped from her almost effortlessly.  She kept her eyes closed and her breathing raged she smiled and I knew she was ok; I rinsed the plug in the spray of the shower and sat it on a little shelf behind me.  She had moved away from the wall and was rubbing her tender ass.  I grabbed a cloth and the shower gel, and slowly rubbed the laver onto her skin.  Coating her, seeing her skin with streaks of white lather, and suds.  Her hair looked darker now being wet.  The strands of hair stuck together to merge into thicker strands and she did have a just fucked look about her.  She looked so sexy all wet.  I continued washing her running my hands all around, washing every inch of her, even her sex and ass.  I even washed her stomach and she did not object.  She normally would, her weight making her a bit uneasy even after all these years.  I loved her just the way she was; I would not change a thing.  She washed me then, making sure to coax my cock, which stood at attention in moments, still begging for the release. 

I grabbed the shampoo and washed her hair, letting my fingers slowly massage her scalp; “that feels so good baby” she muttered.  I continued and then rinced it when I was sure she was all, clean.  I washed mine really quick, then poured a bit of conditioner into my hand.  I caressed it into her hair and massaged it in even more.  Once it was done I kissed her shoulder, rinsed myself and told her I was getting out.  She kissed me back and said ok.  I grabbed the towel and dried off, she blurted out; “Baby would you do me a favor”.  “Sure”, I replied.  She opened the shower door her head sticking out, she stated “go to the closet there and on the third shelf grab the white clear bottle with the white nozzle on it for me”.  I was not sure what she was talking about, but I complied and immediately realized that it was a cleaning device to clean her bottom out.  I grinned wickedly and handed it to her, she kissed me and closing the door and leaving me with a much tantalizing thought….what will the evening bring, but that is a story for another day.  

 The end of “The pleasure of Pain” series.

After thought:  I originally intended writing about the pleasure inflicted during BDSM play, with the notion that pain can be pleasurable.   i.e. “good pain, vs. bad pain”.  I very quickly realized that my story took a different turn, with its intended one part it quickly grew to be much longer.  I wanted to dwell on the emotions as well as the play and normalcy of the characters.  That a D/s relationship in many facets is as normal as it comes with the same every day norms and issues as any other lifestyle.  Of course there are obvious differences, and I took many liberties to explore some of my experiences in life all wrapped into one story. So for now Thank you, will write again soon.

I think FTLOAS said it best; “The Loving D/s relationship is one of the most sacred and powerful connections that can exist between two human beings. It is not brutal, cruel or demeaning as many vanilla observers and wannabe fetish doms believe or even as at times depicted in this blog’s original storyline. Instead, it is built on respect, trust and devotion; indeed, love of another human being.”


The Pleasure of Pain (Part 4)

She was mine, and I claimed my price, holding her close to me I whispered in her ear as we walked through the doors.  “I love you and crave you, wait until I have my way with you tonight” and with that I slapped her on the ass one good time, she blurted out a gruff “uhhhhh”, with a devious smile forming on her face.  I held her hand then, walking through the isles, we looked at almost every toy imaginable and discussing a few.  She did not find anything she wanted to try and I found nothing that caught my interest. We walked through the furniture room and admired the many pieces; they now had much more to offer, in variety then what they had the last time we searched.  The beds were ornate some metal some wood, each displayed in both normal and full kinky style with chains and rope dangling from them.  The metal one had straps to hold a mannequin in place and I smiled at the thought of my love, strapped there helpless for me to devour to toy with and please.  I loved giving her pleasure, with this pleasure I also tormented her, making her take more than she ever wanted sending her to her limits, I loved that feeling, when I know she is about to break, but never quite letting it get that far.  Guiding her further and further down this rabbit whole, without looking back, complete trust we have and with that we gain freedom, to do with as we please.

She saw a small display of various sex machines some huge and some with what looked to be retrofitted power tools.  I should have thought of this before these came out, I could have made millions sticking dildos to the end of saw-saws and plastic on the end of sanders.  I laughed to myself and followed my gaze to a different display.  She was there and eyed a Sybian, it stood no more than a 20 inches off the floor with a smaller dildo and clit attachment displayed.  A long cord attached to it, then a control box with 3 different switches, obviously controlling the vibration, the movement and the actual saddle.  She smiled at me in delight and said “one day I want one of these Sir”.  I flipped the tag over and gasped at the price, I knew they were expensive, but fuck me.  The price read $4999.90, I caught my composure and stated; “if we ever win the lottery it will be the first on my list”.  She smiled, and said; “I know, I know” ” we can’t afford to buy this but it would be nice wouldn’t it, think of all we could do, all you could do to me”.  The thought was quite amusing.  Dreaming up a few quick thoughts I then made a mental note to start setting money aside every week without her knowing to buy her this device, maybe in the next 2 years.  We chit chatted for a few minutes, she was telling me what she would love to have done to her on it.  She told me she was getting wet just thinking about it.  I had to admit, my cock was slowly trying to rise too.  Today has been nothing but a long tease for me, but I knew that tonight would be all the better for it and I wanted to pleasure her more then I needed to cum.  We continued walking around the store passing through the movie section, looking at a few titles then placing them back on the shelf.  We stopped in a little section of to the side with nothing but sexual knick knacks and statues.  I am a sexual being but would never have something this grotesque in my house.  The look on my face spoke louder than words because she muttered in agreement before it even passed my lips.  I picked up a statue of sorts, which was just the rim of an anus, I love ass more than anyone but please spare me this.  I thought to myself who would even have this in their office or home? Well any way we meandered a little ways further down to the clothing and fetish apparel sections.  This also housed all the creams, lubes, books and other miscellaneous items.

I grabbed her hand and we looked at a few delightful pieces, a nice little baby doll that I would just love to see her in, there were a couple of corset and garter pieces that definitely tickled my fancy.  She liked most of it, she blurted out several times; “I could live here”, with a big joyful smile on her face.  She picked up a pair of crotchless lace panties, and all though I loved how they looked the purpose for them befuddled me.  She eyed me and I stated; “I prefer you without any on, why spend money for easy access”   She laughed at this and lifted her dress a bit.  I could see the bottom of her clean shaven pussy lips peeking out at me; she gave me her most seductive look with the implied come hither finger, begging me in.  I kissed her biting her lower lip and the playful laughter erupting from her made me smile all the more.  I turned her around and slapped her buttocks one good time.  I felt the palm of my hand connect with the softness of her luscious ass and the plug that was rooted there.  She jumped leaped forward a bit and with a quick whited banter she blurted out; “So not fair to take advantage of an innocent young lady like this, knowing she is vulnerable”.  The raillery continued as I replied with a ghastly overdramatic expression on my face; “innocent, really!” I tried to lift her dress up to expose the rigid plug”.  She scurried away trying to avoid me, I caught up with her and wrapped my hands around her waist bringing her butt against me, I bit her shoulder and whispered to her; “I love you so much, and love that we can be like this with one another’.  She turned and countered with a bashful melodramatic batting of her eyes, and said; “I love you too my delightful Sir”. 

As we approached the last section of leather wear, she stopped at a display of collars, some simple resembling a dog collar, others wide to correct posture.  Some had gags attached, and a display case all to its own had a wide variety of collars jewelry, and rings.  Absolutely exquisite I thought to myself.  I have always enjoyed and loved the thought of collaring a beautiful woman, and though she calls me sir and loves me dearly I have never heard her express any interest in it.  She perused the smaller ones sitting on 3 separate shelves, and brought a few up to her neck, admiring them in the mirror behind the display.  She picked up several, but ultimately chose one that resembled a leather small dog collar the strap must have been a little less then an inch wide, the leather soft and supple. With a metal clasp in the pack to tighten it as you would a clasped belt.  It suited her well; I picked it up from her hand and asked her to turn.  With her back to me I drew the collar around her neck, placing it firmly against her skin, watching her breathe and swallow with the material in place.  I clasped the pack, making it snug but enough to easily slip the tip of my pinky in.  It did not move but looked secure.  I whispered into her ear; “how do you like this love” She smiled, admiring herself in the mirror, turning every which way, to get a better view from all angles.  She then looked at me and stepped to within a foot from me, placing her hands behind her back.  She swiveled up and down on her toes and heal rocking to and fro, with a modest look in her eyes, she than asked me; “Please Sir may I have it”.  My hearty leapt, I could not believe what she was asking, and does she understand the ramification and the meaning of this.  To me this is not some light hearted decision but a mutual and important one.  I became more firm and asked her why in a rigid voice.  She replied without doubt and delay; “It has been on my mind for weeks, it is why I asked you to take me hear”.  I looked at her with uncertain eyes; “This is what I want, I want to be yours, all yours, I want to give myself to you not just in word but in the binding this will bring” she stammered on.  My gaze softened and I reached her hands holding them, for I loved her and never thought this would ever happen with her.  It was the most precious gift and responsibility she has ever given me, and with that my heart eased and I told her yes. 

She leapt into my arms, curling her legs around my waist and arms locked behind my neck.  I kissed her hard and I thought I might stumble with the quick jolt.  Trying to steady myself I stood her down, cupping her cheeks and kissing her.  I placed my hand around her throat and squeezed just a bit, a sigh escaped her and I kissed her lips again.  Sucking her bottom lip deeply into my mouth as I applied a little bit more pressure to the sides of my neck with my palm and fingers.  I let go and turned her around, to remove the collar so we can pay for it.  She stopped me and asked if she could just wear it now, my eyes widened a bit almost in disbelief but I did not object.  I found the little white tag affixed with a delicate string and tugged, breaking it free of the clasp.  I held the tag in my hand, and suddenly realized I had permitted this without even questioning the price.  My heart speed up and I became quickly nervous, crap I thought.  I reluctantly turned the tag over to see what I had just agreed to.  She grabbed the tag out of my hand before I could even respond to the $195.00 price, “no you are not paying” she murmured.  “I have been saving for this for several months and today I knew that it was the right day, I only asked you to get your permission to be collared”.  I was speechless, I think I would have bought it for her anyway even with the consequence of the price, but she did this.  She is so sweet and thoughtful and knew how to get in my heart and mind; she understood something about me that most never could.  I kissed her again, she paid for the collar and we left for the restaurant.

The ride over was silent, with knowing smiles being passed between us, I had my hand on her leg and she had hers playing with the back of my head as we drove.  When we pulled up to the Greek Isle, a valet opened the door and ushered me out, on the other side another did the same for my little one.  We met on the carpeted entrance; hand in hand we strode in.  The lady at the counter looked up and gave us a warm smile; it was Gabrielle, our neighbor and owner.  She came around the little pulpit and hugged my darling tight to her, then did the same to me.  She looked at her list and quickly informed us that they had a couple of tables left open due to a cancelation.  I smiled feeling lucky not having to have the standard 30 to 60 minute wait.  She grabbed 2 menus and walked us to a round table in the corner of the restaurant.  It was a bigger table, sure to accommodate 6 people at least, but we slid in all the way to the opposed side bench. The Table was decorated, and trimmed with fresh bread, a blue table cloth which draped the table and a lone candle emitting a soft glow.

The restaurant was crowded, people packed in to the brim.  I could hear soft music, some Greek tune I am sure playing in the distance.  Gabrielle excused herself and said she would be back to wish us good night before the end of our evening.  We glanced at our menus, and discussed the selection.  When we were both pleased with the choice we sat the menus down and talked about a few casual things.  Within minutes the waiter arrived with a bottle of wine and two glasses, he opened it and started pouring the drink its aroma strong and sweet, I loved reds.  He quickly added the owner had this bottle sent over for us, I glanced to the front of the massive restaurant and I spotted her.  I raised my glass and mouthed thank you, she just nodded and smiled.  We ordered the saganaki and two orders of the Spaghetti and Lamb.  The water was off as quickly as he came. 

My focus drifted back to my love, my hands clutched hers under the table and she looked at me with parted lips.  Admiring the sight of the collar upon her lovely neck, I drifted down to her collar bone and fought to urge to kiss it right then and there.  I decided to bring up the subject of the new purchase nonchalantly, striking up a delightful conversation.  We discussed in detail, her desire to be a collared submissive.  She expressed her needs and wants, and talked about what it meant to her and I listened adamantly, we agreed on the meaning and use of this new symbolic change in our relationship.  In the midst of our conversation, the waiter reappeared with a sizzling dish of the cheese; he lit it aflame and yelled “opa”.  He gestured for us to enjoy and we did as we continued our heavy discussion.  I explained to her that this also comes with rules and responsibilities for both of us.  But we agreed in unison and although we did not have an actual ceremony which is tradition of sorts in this lifestyle.  We made an oath right there for what it was, a covenant between us.  We raised our glasses and celebrated with a sip of the wine in front of us, I bent to kiss her, and as my mouth touched hers, the waiter reappeared with our food.  I smiled at the bad timing and kissed her anyway, and quickly brought my focus back to the table.  The waiter asked us if we needed anything else in the usual formality’s and then scurried of to the masses.

We enjoyed dinner together, we did not rush, and chit chatted about a lot but nothing important.  When I was done I pushed my plate to the side and turned a bit so I can see her better.  We were only a foot or so apart, I clanked down and noticed a small patch of skin exposed on her thigh in between her dress, and the table cloth.  I gently traced my finger along her thigh bringing it casually up to her dress.  She smiled and gave me an innocent look.  As she continued to finish her meal, I teased the soft skin of her flesh, with slow irregular strokes, occasionally letting my nails drag against her.  I wanted so to slide my hands further up, to feel her mound.  Once she finished her dinner she pushed her plate aside as well and without asking she maneuvered her dress up just a few inches.  I let my hands travel and found my prize, God was she wet.  I touched her lips and quiver rippled through her body; she emitted a soft low sigh.  I found her little clit and rolled it between my fingers, gently coaxing it from its embrace.  Her eyes closed and she was lost in bliss. Her lips parted and quickly she opened them, trying to adjust her composure.  I continued to play and slowly inched a finger in between her lips and pressed into the warm center of her sex.  It beckoned me in with its moistness, her muscles grasping me urging me on.  A felt a spasm of sorts run through her and a new rush of wetness formed around my fingers.  I slowly withdrew so I would not make a mess.  I let my fingers glide over her sex, parting her and toying with her clit.  I could see her breathing quicken a bit, but she tried still to look as calm as ever. I started rubbing harder and I could feel her pressing against my fingers now, I know she must be close.  I felt her hand on my wrist and as I felt a shutter her nails dug deeply into my skin, I felt the hotness of my skin break and I knew she came hard; a low moan erupted from her and her mouth opened.  She concealed it only seconds later and eased off my wrists.  She looked down at my skin realizing that she had grasped me to hard; she rubbed it gently giving me an apologetic look.  She leaned over and apologized saying she was sorry.  I grinned and told her to stop; I loved every moment of it.  

As her composure found a more natural state, and after we ordered a peace of chocolate cake, we continued talking.  She gave me a very seductive look and stated; “Sir I want you to cum as well”.  Without giving me a chance to even respond, her hands were on the bulge in my pants…  Massaging, coaxing and stroking me over the fabric, she found my zipper and tugged it down.  She then reached in and guided my hard manhood though the slit in my boxer briefs.  As it sprung free it pinched my skin a little but the discomfort quickly passed.  I loved the feel of her fingers around me; she gently ran her fingers from the bottom all the way to the tip of my cock, stopping there to play with the drop of precum that had pooled there.  I was glad for the table being covered with this heavy cloth or I might have worried for someone to see.  She started stroking up and down slowly but with a rhythm, I watched her face and she smiled. Looking at her I heard the voice of the waiter; he sat the cake down and the check and asked us if we wanted anything else.  I did my best to respond normally with the building pleasure and sensation stemming from below the table.  She continued to stroke picking up speed a bit and I told him; “no thank you we are fine”.  I felt myself getting closer and closer, her fingers rubbing the head of my cock, teasing me, beckoning me on.  He turned and walked away… to be continued

The Pleasure of Pain (Part 3)

              I gently placed the tapered rounded tip of the Butt plug on her pucker coaxing it to open for me.  I pressed and a moan instantly escaped her lips.  Her rosebud slowly opening to me, to accommodate it’s width and 4 inch length.  We had talked about this toy almost a year ago but were not willing to spend the money on it then.  But now pressing the crystal jeweled stainless steel Butt plug into her made me realize that my getting it was the right decision.  Her back arching, I told her to bear back, she did with another delightful moan as the width slowly continued to open her.  Spreading her wide, I pulled it back out leaving a slight gape and in her tender ass. I bent to lick her again this time my tongue was not denied entry and I circled her opening all the way around.  My tongue darting in and out and I felt her wetness against my chin she was leaking now.  Droplets of moisture forming at her most sensitive lips.  I licked down to suck up the juices trying to escape.  I shudder, traveled down the length of her body and momentarily her knees went weak, I reached up and held her firm steading her as I bit into her thigh.  She squealed and turned to look down at me.

                I lifted my hand and before she could object or even foresee my hand smacking her, I brought the palm of my hand hard down on her ass.  She screamed again this time I knew it hurt her a bit.  She tensed and I said in my calm but stern voice; “I told you to stay still and do not move, I will not tell you again”.  She faced forward immediately calming the breathing and whimpering coming from her lips.  I bent over again this time biting at the mound in front of me, gently sinking my teeth into her sweet lips, up and down, not enough to really hurt but enough to heighten all her senses.  I licked along her folds finding the opening to her wetness, my tongue played there.  Lapping at the sweet nectar, gathering at the entrance.  I licked up with one long lick all the way to her pucker again.  She moaned again, this time pleasure, I toyed with its wrinkles and folds again, pressing my tongue as far as it would go.  Lapping at the rim, knowing that every touch would send wave after wave of sensation through her body, such a small spot with the most tender nerve endings.  I salivated more as my licking continued making sure to get her as wet as I could.  I reached up with my hand and slowly placed my index finger to her opening.  Without hesitation I pressed into her, the full length of my finger buried deep into the abyss of her ass.  Exploring this frontier, and pressing forth to claim what will be mine.  I drew my finger gently out, joining it with another, pressing back in, slowly inch by inch.  Her breathing quickened and the soft but pleasurable moans coming from her sent waives of arousal through me.  My cock hard in my trousers, leaking the first drops of precum onto my underwear, I can feel the wetness, the urge. 

                I pushed the fingers in with all my might, making my little take every inch, she moaned and I comforted her with the words she loves to hear; “that’s my good girl”.   She moaned more knowing it pleased me, and I slowly pulled from her now slightly stretched ass, knowing it will now accommodate the size of the plug.  I Placed the metal plug at the opening again, the instant the stainless steel touched her; a wave of Goosebumps flooded her body, her hair standing erect.  She cooed with delight as the cold spread into her, with my slow progress.  I kept pressing, stretching her wide.  When her sphincter reached the widest part, she grunted in discomfort, I gently stroked her thigh and bottom, allowing her to relax and the pain to subside.  When her breathing leveled out a told her to bear back against me very slowly.  She did, slowly I felt the pressure of her bum pressing against the plug in my hand, and I kept it still allowing it to slowly sink more.  She pressed harder and I witnessed the opening collapse around the smaller part of the shaft, a loud moan erupted from her as the toy sank its final length into her.  I pressed against the jewel, seeing it shimmer in the light.  I spread her cheeks wide to admire my work: “God you are so fucking beautiful” I murmured with glee.  I ran my fingers along the length of her pussy this time finding the small little knot, rubbing and toying with it.  Her back arched again and movements became more frantic.  Her breathing escalated and the wetness glistened from her pussy again. 

            I stood up, placed my left hand on the upper part of her ass and lower back, pressing firmly down upon it, forcing her body to lie across the counter and back to slightly arch.  I ran my other hand down the outline of her ass, feeling the roundness, the curvature, finding it delightful.  I proceeded down finding her moistness, I cupped it then.  Placing my two longest fingers into her folds and pushing them up to her clit. When the tips of my fingers were firmly in her clit I lifted up on my hand causing more pressure to build. She moaned and I rubbed the length of my fingers up and down her slit, letting the wetness coat me, I dipped them in, to be rewarded again with another, euphoric moan.  I curled my two fingers inside of her slightly allowing my knuckle to graze the soft but defined knot inside of her.  My palm flat on the end of the plug pressing it in.  I pulled up on her as forceful as I could, she screamed then, not out of pain but pleasure, to much pleasure, a torture perhaps.  I pressed down on her back again, not allowing her to move to shift, and pulled again all the while pressing the plug hard into her ass with the palm of my hand.  She breathed so erratically I knew she had to be close, I continued my assault on her, making sure to evermore rub that soft knot inside of her with my knuckle, then pulling my fingers out, and rubbing her clit with the length of them and plunging them back in.  Over and over in timed strokes I continued.

             She reeled below me, excepting the pleasure and sensitivity that it brought.  She mumbled something, but it sounded more like gibberish, I told her to say it again clearer if she wants to be heard.  I continued to prod and lift and words just would not form to pass her lips, only syllables tried to escape.  I let up for a second and in a rush she cried; “please may I cum Sir”.  A satisfied grin, formed on my lips and I pulled up on her harder over and over again, I ignored her question for a moment, before long she pleaded again, in a screaming whimper she begged; “please please may I cum, I can’t take anymore” and with that I lifted harder, pressing down on her back making sure she felt the full weight of me.  I gave her the permission by simply saying: YES”.  She screamed almost in relief, and as I continued to rock my fingers into her pulling harder to give the desired pressure she whimpered and shuttered around me.  Collapsing on the sink, the only thing holding her was me and I would not stop. I knew she could take more so I continued my exploration.  I pulled out of her and she gave a great grunt of relief, I immediately swatted her behind driving the plug into her with a sharp jolt, she moaned, and I brought 5 more swats down on her in rapid succession.  She moaned and winced, the redness forming on her tender ass almost instantly.  I dropped to my knees again, and inserted my prodding fingers again, this time the curl was down, giving her a new and different pressure.  I was able to now wrap the tips of my fingers around the now not so soft knot inside of her, it had swollen with sensitivity, and I pressed against it.  I placed my thumb between her lips onto her clit and pressed up, at the same time applying pressure within her.  She was still for a moment, and then like a tornado crashing through a wail erupted from her in pure unadulterated pleasure, shrill and piercing the sound.  I continued to press and finger harder deeper than shallow, never the same always different but the constant pressure on her clit sent her over the edge again and she came. This time with a gush, sending squirt after squirt of her wetness from her pussy, soaking the floor with the nectar of her sweet mixture.  She erupted several more times, before she finally gave in and collapsed again, her breath irregular and short, I stopped and slowly pulled my fingers from her and brought them to my lips,  I sucked on them tasting her sweet tangy mix.  I love the way she tasted on my lips.

            When she caught her breath and composure she stood upright and I grabbed her and kissed her deeply.  Melting my lips into hers, to form unison of passion.  Her fingers on my back drawing me close and mine on the curve of her back, steadying her.  She smiled at me in between the kisses.  A moment later I pulled away, and noticed that she looked a mess.  My beautiful mess, but she looked as if she just got fucked.  I smiled and told her to go take a shower; I will clean up the mess, and then wait for her downstairs.  She smiled and stepped out of the underwear that had worked its way to her ankles and walked into the shower sliding the doors shut.   I grabbed a towel from nearby and wiped up the spillage and smiled to myself, I love when she squirts, it is so erotic.  I grabbed some disinfectant wipes from under the counter and whipped the floor.  When I was done I glanced at her, in the shower and admired her, catching myself staring, I walked out of the room and downstairs to the breakfast bar.  I opened my computer and sent of a few emails and read through a few blogs.

             Nearly 40 minutes later she met me in the kitchen, she was stunning.  Her hair framing her face and a natural tone to her makeup.  She wore a stylish shorter dress which hugged her tight around her chest and waist, leaving nothing to the imagination, but was looser around the waist and hem.  I grabbed her hand and drew it to my mouth kissing the fingers and the knuckles gently. I placed the hand gently on my cheek and watched her as she looked at me.  Her movements so calculated and sincere, she turned her head a little to the side, obviously thinking hard about something, I was just hoping it was me.  I kissed her hand again, stood up and without even looking back shut the Laptop.  I grabbed her around the waist, pulled her to me and buried my mouth and chin in her neck and kissed her there.  Letting my hands trail down to her bottom, I caressed her, gently massaging her and then pulling her more to me.  I nuzzled her neck as she moaned into my ear; slowly I let one hand travel to the Plug still firmly embedded in her.  I pushed a little making it go deeper in.  “mmmmmmm” was the only sound she made with a smile.  I looked into her eyes and found myself getting lost in her, over her.  She has captivated me from the very moment I saw her, my emotions only growing stronger each and every day.

            We walked to the Garage and I led her to the passenger side of my corolla, opened the door, and helped her in.  As I was closing the door behind her, I could see her face and the O forming at her lips as she sat down, obviously sending the plug as deep as it would go.  I smiled such a mischievous smile.  On the way to the store I took a few side roads with the promise that they were short cuts, but fully knowing that we would pass the railroad tracks 2x and several small stretches of uneven road.  Each bump would send new and stronger sensations into her buried toy, sounding throughout her body.  By the time we arrived at Explicit Erotica, she was breathing heavy and staring off into the distance, not focused on anything but the plug in her.  I shut of the engine and looked at her, asking her if she was okay, she gave me a nod and licked her dry lips.  Bringing moisture to them and clearing her throat.  I walked to her side of the car and opened the door, helped her up and wrapped my arm around her waist, shutting the door with the other.

         She was mine, and I claimed my price, holding her close to me I whispered in her ear as we walked through the doors.  “I love you and crave you, wait until I have my way with you tonight” and with that I slapped her on the ass one good time, she blurted out a gruff “uhhhhh”, with a devious smile forming on her face… be continued

The Pleasure of Pain (Part 2)

                After the mornings encounter, she thanked me in the shower an hour later with a vigorous and mind blowing blowjob. After we got out we quite enjoyed the next few hours of lounging around; talking about nothing of importance and laughing every chance we could while joking and playing around.  She rustled up a most excellent, Panini grilled chicken sandwich which we enjoyed with a nice glass of Chardonnay.  This was the perfect Saturday

                Later that afternoon she curled up in my lap as I was reading my New Vince Flynn Novel.  She laid there looking up at me, and all I could do is smile, she is so perfect, the way her hair frames her face, I can still smell the sweet fragrance of her body wash on her skin.  I cupped her cheek with my hand gently brushing my fingers along her skin, her skin felt like silk against my hand so soft and subtle.  I finished the page and noticed she had not taken her eyes of off me.  I focused on her and asked her if everything was ok.  She replied; “I am fine baby, but would you mind if we go out for dinner and maybe stop at our favorite store beforehand.”  My brows arched, knowing what store she was referring to.  The store was an Adult Store called Explicit Erotica.  It used to house a Venture Capital Company, but folded during the last huge turn in the stock markets.  Today it housed 10, 000sq ft. of  kink and erotic merchandise for the basic Vanilla Husband looking to get some flavored lube to call it a good evening, to the extremist so called Master with his opprobrious God complex in search of the newest  lewd punishment instrument.

Yes frequented this store, we first learned of it when searching for BDSM furniture a couple of years ago.  We ended up purchasing a Queen sized hard wood Bed, which discreetly doubled as a Bondage Bed, so well-crafted that the average person would never even realize that it was anything but an ornate modern bed which set us back a little over $1400.  To us this was a huge investment, we are the average middle class couple with bills and debt just trying to live life the best we can within our means.  I leaned down tenderly kissed her succulent lips, still tasting of wine.  We headed upstairs to get dressed, I put on a pair of khakis and one of my favorite polo’s combed my hair and a dab of cologne.  She stepped in the bathroom to apply makeup and do her hair; I sat at the edge of the bed putting on my shoes.  When I looked towards her, my eyes followed the length of her legs and the black lace boy shorts she had on.  Damn she was beautiful, I loved her full figure and curves, her breasts hung free and all I could thing about is kissing and suckling them. 

As my eyes continued to wander and my mind went to into a blissful fantasy.  I must have stared for a while, because when I met her eyes with mine, she smiled and said; “What!” very playfully and seductive tone.  I grinned at her and walked towards her.  I wrapped my arms around her waist drawing her to me pressing myself onto her.  Without warning I bit her neck, not hard but enough to draw approval, with a moan.  She tilted her neck a bit as she continued trying to straighten her hair with the iron.  I bit down into her shoulder again allowing my fingers to run over her hips and thighs, one coming up to grab hold of her breast.  She brought the iron down on the counter, reached back with her hands locking them behind my neck.  I kissed her neck then, running my lips and tongue along her skin, gently sucking and darting my tongue along her sensitive spots.  Her back arched almost uncontrollably, which only brought her ass harder against me.  I devoured her bringing my hand up to her neck while the other gently played and cupped her nipple and breast.  She responded so delightfully, moved against me grinding, into me causing an erection to form in my trousers.  My hand clutched firmly against her neck, taking control, she moaned and I used my index finger to move her chin to me.  I sucked her chin into my mouth following its lines to the crescent of her lips.  Once my mouth touched hers I drew her lower lip into my mouth and bit down, she grinned a wicked smile at that.  Letting herself go, being taken by me.  I continued to kiss her passionately and longingly, expressing the desire I had for her. 

I felt one of her hands let go and drift down while the other continued to hold firm to my neck.  I kissed her harder, my lips pressing against her with such vigor and lust.  I felt her hand then, it grasped my erection, holding it she squeezed and started moving up and down. I moaned into her mouth, drawing a raged breath from my lips.  Looking into her beguiling eyes I was mesmerized and content.  She continued to maneuver her hand teasing me to no end.  I groaned again, clutched her throat a little harder, bringing my hand down to her wrist, pulling her away from me.  ” Do not move” I whispered into her ear, biting into her earlobe, she moaned again a hoarse cry of pleasure.  I brought both of my hands over hears and I pressed them into the bathroom counter, grinding into her anew.  She moved against me, with a quick forceful smack, I brought my hand down on her ass.  The echo reverberating through the room. She cried out.  “I told you not to move” I stated with.  She held still now, knowing that the consequence for insubordination would be much harder then she wanted to imagine.  I ran my fingers along the cleft of her beautiful ass drawing another raged breath from her.  Letting just the tips of my fingers slowly stroke up and down tantalizing her. I whispered in her ear, do not move, and close your eyes, she looked at me in such a cute and perplexed way.  “Now”, I declared in the most firm voice I could muster up without sounding too harsh. 

When she yielded to my request, I strode to the bedroom, riffling through my drawer.  Moving quickly without making a sound without giving away my position in the room.  I moved some of my clothes aside and behind it was a small box.  I grabbed it, and grinned.  The box no bigger than a good-sized men’s watch box, looked as though it carried a precious gift in its hull.  The clasp on the box ornate, this little gift had set me back over two hundred Dollars, this was a lot for me and even harder to conceal in our bank account.  But over the course of the last 6 months or so, I saved as much as I could before I could order it. When it arrived two weeks ago I was ecstatic and delighted that it looked even better holding it so close, even better than on the models and pictures I had seen online.  I rushed back to her setting the box on the counter.  I could see just the faintest subconscious movement in her, straining to make out the sound. 

I walked behind her again, and slowly pulled at her underwear.  Once they were down to her knees I left them there.  The material strained against her.  I bent down, and kissed her lower back.  Running my lips and tongue over her spine and sensitive skin.  Suckling and liking as I went on, in a pattern only known to me.  She moaned and arched as my Kisses, spread over the entirety of her ass, making sure that nothing was untouched, heightening her arousal.  I knelt down behind her and gently parted her ass, digging my fingers into her skin.  She groaned in delight and I bit her then, a cry escaped her lips.  I kissed again licking the sensitive flesh in between her cleft.  Her back arching and my own breathing now growing more frantic.  I found the center, her wrinkled sphincter urging me on to tantalize it.  I bent slowly letting the tip of my tongue run the length of the rim.  Sending shivers down her spine and an audible, “ohhh my fucking God”, from her lips.  I slowly encircled the puckered knot, with my lips, gently suckling a bit to add to the stimulation, and then slowly feeling for its entrance with the tip of my tongue.  I pressed into her, slowly it parted and she moaned anew.  I devoured her ass, licking and pressing as much as I could, making sure to leave as much lubrication both around and inside of her.  I continued to please her ass this way what seemed like an eternity, but in real life was closer to 5 or 6 minutes. 

She was now loser, her pucker now slightly open, relaxed and unguarded.  Ready to let me explore her more if I so wished.  I reached for the box, unhinging the clasp, the hinge bringing it wide open.  It was beautiful; it seemed much larger now that I looked at it here besides her.  I took the instrument out of the box and sat the box besides her.   Holding it feeling the coldness of the metal in my hands, I tried to hold it tight to warm it a bit.  I kissed her pucker again, releasing another moan from my willing prisoner.  I brought the precious metal up to my lips and I let a bit of my saliva, drool down upon it.  The metal glistening with my spit coating it.  I rubbed my fingers over its length, feeling the weight and smiling of the thought of what is to come.  I gently placed the tapered rounded tip of the …. to be continued

The Pleasure of Pain (Part 1)

She is sitting on one of the stools of the Breakfast bar; her back is to me so she doesn’t know I am there.  I stand in the doorway of the kitchen leaning against the frame.  She has not realized I had gotten out of bed. Generally I will sleep in a bit later on Saturday mornings, to get the rest that I normally do not get on my typical monotonous 4am wake up schedule.  I love the way her hair frames her face, even without a shower I bet she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is to me, even though I tell her all the time.  My Little one,  my love,  I can see one hand on the coffee mug I gave her for her last birthday, the other hand skimming the keys of the computer in front of her.   I can smell the aroma of the coffee freshly ground and made.  Such a tantalizing smell, a reminder of the vacation we took in Brazil just this summer. 
I love the way she steals my shirts, right now she is wearing one of my pin stripped business shirts and I cannot tell by the way it frames her thigh if there is anything underneath.  I love her skin and I ache to touch her, she is mine, I need her and long for her.
With that I walk up behind you, trying my best to conceal and hinder any sound I might make.  I am so close I can almost smell her hair.  I see that she is looking at the latest gossip column in the New York Post. What is it with women and gossip I wonder, well any way not my thing but she likes it so let her enjoy it.
I lean down to whisper in her ear; I can feel my breath bouncing of off her skin.  I whisper Good morning beautiful and with that I slowly nibble on her ear.  A sigh and the low approving moan and the way she exposed her neck let me know she loves my touch.  I love the way her skin tastes so sweet and subtle, running my lips along her neck slowly kissing her there.  I see Goosebumps rise and bite very gently her shoulder above the collar bone.  She moaned and whispered, “Someone is feisty this morning.”  To answer her statement I bit again and with that her body language changed, her thigh’s parted a bit her neck and back arched again, and now I can feel her hands slowly combing through my hair.  Running along my cheek, feeling the scruff of my morning shadow, bite at her hand.
I kissed her then, I had too, and I needed to taste her.  She stood and we embraced, and I placed a very passionate kiss on her lips, her tongue darting in my mouth and mine trying to entangle itself with hers.  I adore the way she kisses back, always so passionate.  I wrap my arms around her lower back and pull her harder to me, I can feel my ever growing cock pressing against her body, through the only piece of clothing I had on, which consisted of my favorite dark gray Calvin Klein PJ bottoms.  As she felt my manhood pressing against her I could feel her lips, curl into a sly smile.  Kissing me harder, she reached down in between us, grasping at my rigid cock.  She pulled away from my lips and asked, “What would Sir like this morning”.  I laughed and said “you”, feeling the impossible attraction and playfulness elope me. I grasped at her bottom; fuck me I love the way her ass is. And she is not wearing any underwear.  She has no inhibitions or shame; I love that confidence in her, such an attractive quality.  Her ass is not to hard not to soft, just the perfect to sink my teeth into or color with my hand.  Mmmmm ohh god I want her.  I gave it a firm squeeze and she moaned into my mouth. I playfully dipped her back bending her over in a playful swift motion.  I made sure to support her lower back, and gently kissed her neck in the front, brought her back up turned her around, all before she could even respond.  I planted my hand firmly with one hard smack on her ass.  The sting I am sure she would feel for a while, she spread her legs and grasped the breakfast bar counter to steady her.  Another few quick swats to her lovely behind in quick succession and I could feel the heat rising from both my fingers and her skin.   
Slowly tracing my fingertips over the now red bottom, I hear her gasp as the sensation took her in.   Felling her shutter, Goosebumps forming and the small hairs on her body standing erect.  I bent down and bit her then, letting the feeling of this sweet pain succumb her, driving her mad with wanting.  My teeth left a beautiful little mark, perfect indentation of my love, right smack dab on her ass.  I let my fingers wander down and I felt her mound.  She was wet; nothing could hide the juices that were nearly dripping from her. She responds so well to me, it makes me desire her even more.  I cup her sex from behind pressing my midle finger into the folds and gently pressing at her.  She moaned again and when the tip of my finger found her clit.  I pressed a bit harder, just barely moving it, letting her feel the pressure and sensation, letting her take it all in.  My other hand came down on her ass again, this time it stung hard even me.  Her knees buckled and she moaned loudly biting her own lips for comfort.  I inserted my finger into her, feeling her wetness, tightness, then another finger slipped in and I curled them gently so my knuckles would touch that spot.  With her legs spread and my hand pressing down on her ass, I slowly started moving my fingers inside of her, growing faster with every second.  Until I violently moved my fingers in her up and down, each time hitting her g-spot.  She screamed, and her breath erratic, pussy dripping with her sweet nectar.  Before she could resist, she came knees buckling under her.  I grabbed ahold of her with my other hand, so she would not fall and I pulled her to me, biting at her neck as my fingers continued to move, now much slower inside of her.  As her orgasm subsided and breathing still shallow and coarse she said, “god I love you”. I love making her come this way for me, to see a woman in total and pure pleasure, without control.   She is my submissive, my love.
We had met a few years earlier on a train platform.  Just as the train arrived,  she a 30 something clean cut businesswoman, dropped a binder full of paperwork, and while all the frantic commuters passed her by to not miss their train, I stopped and helped her pick up the pages strewn about, she glanced up at me cursing under her breath and thanking me at the same time.  With all pages in tow, we hurried towards the closing doors.  We made it in the nick of time.  We sat together on that train, and little did I know a most peculiar romance would stem from this incidental meeting of two passengers on our way to work.   To be continued…

Against the wall

It’s been so long, and there she is looking at me, her eyes are almost hypnotizing.  She looks down softly moistening her lips, I notice.  I can feel my pulse growing faster with each moment.   She is so beautiful, so divine.  My need to kiss her to embrace her takes hold.  I walk up to her and reach for her soft cheeks, cupping them and drawing her mouth to mine. Ohhh sweet is her taste her lips are so soft, I draw her bottom lip into my mouth and tug on it gently with the scrapping of my teeth, I hear a moan.  I can feel her breath, her arms move around me grabbing my waist, my lower back.  I hold her with my hands, slowly savoring her mouth her tongue.  I feel our breath quickening, and my manhood slowly starting to rise in these jeans.

I press you against the wall, feeling my erection pressing against you, beckoning you.  I kiss your neck feeling your pulse, feeling your heat the trembling.  I whisper to you, commanding you to place your hands over your head.  You comply and I grab them both with my left hand, holding them firm against you, as I bite your neck, hearing soft moans pass your lips, your body moving bucking against me, longing for me.  I let my right hand travel down your neck holding it firmly in place as I kiss you once more, you bite my lip and I smile.  In response I squeeze my hand harder around your throat, and you grin and your teeth let me free. I kiss you again, and again, melting into one another.
I let my hand travel down your body, finding your breast and I cup it, squeeze it all the while kissing you harder, never removing my hand from yours pinning them against the wall above your head.  I find the hard bulge of your nipple and I squeeze hard, drawing another loud gasp from you and I smile.  Ohh how you turn me on, how you excite me, how I longed for this.  My hand continues to travel down, finding the waist of your jeans and further down, I spread your legs and cup your sex.  Feeling the heat and moistness even through the thick cloth of the jeans.  Fuck I want you. I need you. I press my fingers against you hard, a moan again escapes your lips and I feel your hands move, I pin them harder and kiss you again. 
I move my hand up and find the button which will free the barrier between you and I.  I unclasp it and almost rip the zipper down.  I feel your panties, so soft against my fingers. But I slide my hand under the waist band and move them down further until I reach the moistness.  So moist, so hot, and slick, I whisper to you again, “Someone is wants me”. You smile.  I then pushed his fingers past the folds of your moist pussy and began moving up and down your lips. I can feel you move against me, rocking into me, as my fingers moved faster up and down against you.   Without warning, I slid two fingers in and started fucking you slowly, feeling your lips part and except them into your hungry sex. I hear you moaning and melting into me. I find your clit with my thumb and began to circle it slowly, pressing harder.  Your breathing became more pronounced.  Your eyes roll into your head as I continue to thrust my fingers into you, rolling my thumb against your clit, feeling it swell against me. 
My longing for you has never been this strong, a compulsion, to tear this fabric from your body and fuck you hard right against this wall, making you scream out, and hearing you cum.  But I hold back, I need you to cum, I need this beautiful woman, before me to cum for me, I long for this more.  I pull up hard with my fingers in side of you and you stop breathing, I see you raise on your toes and I know the pressure is becoming too much, I ease off and finger you harder, still rolling your clit with my thumb.  You moan loud.  I do it again this time more forcefully almost lifting you off your toes, you stop breathing and I see the look, in your eyes, the look of pure pleasure.  I ease off and do it again this time you curse, “fuck, fuck, fuck” and I know you are there.  I finger you even harder at this point I abandon your clit and slide another finger into you, the pleasure sends you over the edge and you scream a moan of ecstasy, withering shuttering flailing against me.  I hold your two hands prone above you not letting you escape, as I mount the attack against your pussy. Forcing my fingers as hard and fast as I can in and out of you, you whimper as another powerful orgasm hits.  I feel your legs go weak and with this I slowly slide my fingers out and let you slide down the wall.  Your limp form unable to hold its weight any longer and your will to stand has left you.
You sat there, I was looking down at you and I am pleased.  I am happy to have done this to you. My mess my beautiful mess.  Your head turns up and I see your face, your sweet face.  I see your lips part and I hear those melodic words pass your lips, “I love you”…… and I her.

Kissing you

Christopher Paul Rubero

Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one which is loved.

i like my body when it is with your
i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite new a thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh … And eyes big love-crumbs,
and possibly i like the thrill
of under me you so quite new

A Kiss

Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace. ~Marianne Williamson, “A Woman’s Worth”

Spanking: Her first time

This is one of my favorite subjects, since I like to spank.  So for me it is not if I will spank you it is when I will spank you.
So first let me give a little disclaimer, I do not condone abuse.  I will never and have never abused a woman, the thought repulses me and I am ashamed to be part of a Gender where the beating and tolerance of abuse is Admired.  Abuse is never ok.  Let me establish that when I talk about Spanking or Discipline (Correction) it is in terms of Safe Sane and Consensual an act agreed upon in a relationship, such as D/s or even in a regular relationship where some dabble in Kink.
There are two basic forms of spanking one is to correct (discipline your submissive).  The other is sensual and erotic a form of play.  I do not like to correct my little but it must be done, for it is my responsibility as a Dominant to Discipline when warranted.
There are many ways to spank; I have no preference but just to name a few. Over the lap, over the knees, Hands on ankles, Hands on knees, over the desk, over a stool, kneeling on the chair, on the bed and the list goes on and on.  What is your favorite, or will this be your first time?
There are many tools to use for spanking, a belt, a paddle wood/ plastic/ leather, a flogger, a leather cat o nine tales, A switch or a cane, a wooden brush or of course the always beloved hand.  I personally love to spank with the hand to feel the burn with each smack.  The heat so erotic, a mutual pain to hear her cry out and the heat that draws from her.  Just imagine with me, let your thoughts wonder.  Let me tell you a little story.

Her first time

She called me today, asking to be spanked.  Where she even conceived this notion is beyond me she is new at this for I have not yet trained my little all that long.  I stared at the phone and asked in my ohh so usual firm voice, what did you say darling.  She repeated it again: “Sir I need to be spanked”.   Why would that be my little?  She replied, “I came without your permission Sir.”  We do need to correct this behavior don’t we I replied.  No answer on the line, I knew she was frightened.  I told her I was glad she told me or the consequence would be one she never forgets.  I got off the phone and told her I would message her later.

All day at work, my mind raced over the thought of spanking her, hearing her moan, cry, even scream.  Just to imagine her over my knee, or the bed, ohhh fuck where should I do it and how?  Just the thought made my cock stir in my trousers. 

After a few hours contemplating her punishment, I sent her a Text.  Little one, I will be home at 6, Lay my leather belt on the bed and I expect you on your knees waiting by the door when I walk in. ~Sir

The day would not end and what seemed like years were just a few hours in my workplace.  At the end of my day I gathered my things, buttoned my suit and walked to the train platform.  The ride home was filled with nothing short but images that aroused me even more pulling me apart at the very fabric of my soul.  My cock ready to burst through the seams of my slacks.

When I arrived home I walked up to my door, and just knew she would be on the other side, kneeling nude a willing subservient to my demand.  I inserted the key and opened the door and to my right there she knelt.  Such a beauty, god how much I admire her love, her admiration of me.  She completes me, she is what drives me what makes me feel like the man I am today.  I walked in and closed the door behind me, sad my briefcase down and walked over to her. 

I stood mere inches from her and asked her why she did not control herself, why she disobeyed me?  She looked up at me, her eyes pieced my soul.  She looked a mess, my mess, my fucking beautiful mess.  I would do anything for her, for just that look, I long for it, I need it.  I asked her why she had come without my permission.  Why she would directly disobey a command I had given her.  I asked her do I not do anything for you, do I not take care of you and meet every one of your needs and many wants you have.  She looked at me her gaze almost weak even hazy, I could see a weakness in her eyes but such strength to comply.  She answered me and said that she did everything she could not to cum but after a few hours she let go and a wave of pleasure washed over her so strong so uncontrollable, so primal she did not resist.

I should probably explain myself, for this story has a twist.  This morning my little and I had breakfast in bed, we made love and kissed for what seemed like an eternity, before I had to go into to the office.  But before I left I gave her a present, a Toy of delight.  I handed her a wood box and in it was a 5” vibrator sleek to the touch with a 14 hour rechargeable battery which I made sure was charged before I gave her this.  She smiled at me in such a naughty fashion this morning that I had to have it in her.  I made her bend over my lap and I slowly moistened her sex with my spit covered fingers.  Running them in her folds, caressing her, making her arch and then when I knew it was time I slowly pushed the toy into her willing sex.  I could hear the moan from her lips the instant she felt the vibration.  I felt the moistness grow when I removed my fingers from within her.  I helped her sit up on the bed and her lips parted in delight.  I told my little, to keep this present in for me all day until I arrive home, you may not remove it and you may not cum.  I know you can do this, she replied with my favorite words, “yes Sir”.  After our goodbyes I smiled to myself.  The morning was wonderful with the thoughts of her moist sex vibrating for me only one way to stop the vibration my command, one word (CUM)to send her over the edge.

So now 11 hours later we are at a crossroads do I let her cum first or not?  I decided not.  I looked at her and reached down to cup her cheek in my hand, brushed my thumb over her lips, they parted.  I could feel her hot and irregular breath.  I bent down and kissed her on the lips, God if she only knew how much she means to me how much her longing and wanting means to me.  I Helped her to her feet and then pushed her against the wall, kissing her more deeply, her nipples erect and full pressing against my shirt.  Spread I commanded, and with that I cupped her dripping sex, slipping two fingers into her, she moaned.  She arched and I kissed her deeper.  I could feel the toy still convulsing inside of her, I pushed it deeper and deep breath she inhaled.  May I cum sir she asked, NO, was my reply.  She looked at me with fearful eyes; I could see she was about to break, to disobey me again. 

I stepped away and told her to go to the bedroom and bend over the bed.  She complied and I followed her to the door.  I stood there and watched her bend over her luscious ass raised high in the air.  Ohh how breathtaking this view was to me.  I could see her lips swollen with need, wet and glistening with her own wetness.  Fuck, how beautiful she is.  I slowly walked over to her and slowly ran my fingers over her rear, over her hips and up her spine; I could see the Goosebumps forming and her fingers gripping the bed.  I let my fingernails slowly scratch back down to her behind leaving very fain red lines and a moan escaped her lips. I drew my hand away and the first strike landed right on her cheek.  I could feel the burn the sting, and a cry escaped her mouth.

I rubbed the tender redness for a bit then brought my palm down twice in succession, the heat so compelling to continue.  She moaned with every stroke.  I bent down to kiss her ass to comfort the redness that was glowing on her pale skin.  Ohhh the heat I felt it on my lips I felt it as my tongue traced the outline of my assault.  She arched and I ran my fingers down to her moist pussy and teased her throbbing clit. She moaned again and I continued rubbing with all my might, she arched and her legs gave way her knees buckled.  She fell prone on the bed and screaming in such a shrill voice that I am certain the neighbors could hear.  I did not care, what I cared about was her pleasure, but at this point she disobeyed me again.  She came again without my permission after I had just punished her.

I stood there just watching her, disappointed in my little.  I must teach her a lesson she will never forget, she must get discipline a correction.  I picked up the belt that laid beside her.  I saw the fear in her eyes and the words I’m sorry came from her immediately.  I told her to get up and bend over again.  She tried to complain and I told her I am only going to ask you one time, get up and bend over.  She complied and bent over her legs still shacking from the orgasm that just liberated her from torture.  I will strike you 10 times my little, you will count every strike, if you do not I will start again from the beginning.  She looked back at me tears in her eyes.  Not tears of fear but the thought that she had disappointed me again consumed her.  She hurt for she disappointed me.  I longed to comfort her, to draw her up and cradle her to wipe the tears from her eyes.  But I couldn’t, I mustn’t, she needs to be corrected or she will never learn.

With that I looped the belt around my wrist two times, and tightened it.  Ohh I loved the feel of the belt, the leather so soft and yet so stiff.  I could almost smell the fragrance of the leathery musk that I love so much.  I could feel the tension in the air, a cloud so think.   I raised my hand the belt with it and brought it down in a powerful stroke that echoed with her grunt that escaped her lips.  She rose of her heels, her back arched and her fingers clenching the sheets.  I could see the whelp that was forming right in front of my eyes bright pink and raised.  One she muttered through clenched teeth.  I brought the belt down on her again this time a scream erupted and her body heaved forward, two she cried as she got back up.  Trusting her bottom back up to meet the final blows.  I admired her strength her eagerness to please me.  Fuck I wanted her, but now was not the time.

I raised the belt again and this time I brought the belt down hard 4 times in succession, no warning, no lag, one after another.  I could see her mouth part tears flowing down her face, I knew at this point she would never do this again, never go against my command again.  Through sobs she cried 6, sir 6.  Her   Her pink bottom, like a beacon in the room, the bruising now noticeable, she would hurt for a few days this I knew.  I lifted the belt again and three more lashes bit her skin, forcing gasps and grunts of pain from her lips.  She cried then freely, tears falling, more so with every stroke.  But she held on, the white of her knuckles showing as she gripped the sheets with all her might.  She steadied herself and shouted 9. 

I walked closer to her and laid the end of my belt on her exposed ass, I let it gently drag across as I pulled it away.  She shivered and with that, I lifted my hand for the final blow, to my little’s ass.   The belt howling as the air caught its fabric and her skin screaming bright red as the end of the belt met its mark. Ten she screamed the instant the belt made contact, she sobbed then.  Collapsing on the bed, she cried.  I walked to the washroom and grabbed a hand towel.  I turned the faucet to cold and drenched it wringing out the access water once I was done.  I brought the towel to her and laid it across her bright red bottom, using my hands to straighten it and slowly rub and sooth away the sting.  She curled up next to me all the while I held her there, running one hand down her bottom and occasionally across her folds exposed to me.  She then spoke to me, Sorry Sir, it will never happen again.  I said I know and I held her tighter for I knew she would…..